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As you opt to use, you agree to our privacy policies. Before using our website, please carefully read our privacy policy. makes it a point of importance to protecting your privacy online, and we do so at our dealership.

For you to better understand the terms and conditions of the acquisition and use of your personal details, we have compiled our privacy policy to assist you in making informed decisions about your personal information.

For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please feel free to contact us at any time via the contact information provided on Auto Engine Lube.

Auto Engine Lube runs this website, as well as its mobile and online apps. Please read this “Privacy Policy” to learn more about how the Site collects and uses your personal details. Our websites (Auto Engine Lube) and any mobile or equivalent versions thereof are covered by our Privacy Policy.

Please note that our Privacy Policy doesn’t cover the information collecting, use, and disclosure policies of almost any affiliate or even other third-party service providers that are not affiliated with this Site or our Privacy Policy. On a third party’s website, you can review their privacy policies to learn more about their data collecting, usage, and disclosure methods.

Be aware that Auto Engine Lube may include connections to other websites. Thank you for your understanding. Websites, content, and privacy policies of third parties are not within the control of Auto Engine Lube. To use this website, you accept and agree that you have read the Auto Engine Lube Privacy Statement and understand its terms and conditions.

When you fill out a form on our site and submit your information, that is the only time we receive the personally identifying information you provide. Your name, email, postal address, and phone number are all examples of the kinds of information we gather.

Affiliate Disclosure

Amazon: Please note that the website Auto Engine Lube uses the Amazon Associate Program as a marketing affiliate program. Which makes the creation of material that can be monetized through link clicks (embedded images and ads), easy and simple.

This means that Amazon and its merchants own all of the products on the site. We solely control the content and logo of the Auto Engine Lube website, not or logos or any other trademarks associated with those sites, such as, Inc.

FTC: A new set of standards has been issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for all online affiliate content. Because we are part of the program that is monitored by FTC, we must follow all the regulations. That’s why we ensure that every product, review content, and feedback on the website is made to meet all FTC regulations. All we do is assist customers in making wise purchases. We may also monetize this data and provide easy access to the materials we are advertising.

Keeping Your Personal Information Safe & Private

Privacy: Except for our affiliates, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, and other trustable third parties who assist us in trying to operate our website and satisfying your order, we will never sell, transfer, exchange, or give your data to other stakeholders without your consent.

We can only share your data with third parties who agree to keep it confidential. Security precautions include a security system and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which we utilize to protect your information.

To abide by the law, implement our Site’s policies, or defend the rights, properties, or the safety of others, we may reveal information. For marketing, or other purposes, non-personally identifiable information may be shared.

We only utilize your personal information for the following purposes: For this, we rely on cookies.

  • Cookies can also be used to show you adverts for our products on other websites that are related to the pages you are now on
  • As a means of disseminating information about our business and special offers
  • In addition to the terms of our Privacy Policy, as stated below

Security: Your personal details is one of the most significant assets to us, and we take it very seriously. In our data centers, we take precautions to keep it safe, and only authorized staff have access to it when performing tasks that are covered by this policy. If you provide your credit card information to Auto Engine Lube, that data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the industry term for web transaction privacy protection.

However, despite these precautions, Auto Engine Lube cannot guarantee or promise the complete confidentiality, integrity, or availability of its servers or databases. Aside from that, Auto Engine Lube cannot guarantee the security of any personally identifiable information you choose to submit over the Site.

Personal Information We Collect

Your device’s IP address and the pages you see on our website, as well as whether you came from another website and the time you reached our website, are all automatically collected each time you visit our site. We would not collect personal information from you unless you explicitly permit us.

Other types of personal information are not gathered by us. When using social media to access our website, please check the privacy policies of the social media provider to learn more about their data collection policies and practices.

General usage data is also gathered. Included here are: IP Address

As you see, all personal information, including names, email, and more, is completely exonerated from our database. When you sign up for our newsletter, for example, we collect your name, email address, and other personal information.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a little piece of data that is saved on the user’s computer and linked to data about the user’s activity on the website. Cookies are used on our website by both us and certain of our business associates (such as advertisements). Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device by websites that help analyze how people use their services.

Cookie types that we employ include:

  • The offering of our website cannot be carried out without the use of certain “essential” cookies
  • This type of cookie allows us to keep track of your preferences and tailor your online experience by enabling us to remember choices you’ve made while using our website
  • To better understand how our visitors use our website, we use a variety of analytics and performance cookies
  • You can engage with social media content, such as “liking” our articles, by using social media cookies. Social media networks may keep a record of this and publish your name or identification as a result of your action based on your social network settings
  • Advertising and targeted ads cookies: Which is intended to track your browsing behavior and location to provide you with relevant advertising based on your interests. A full list of advertisers may be found below

You may turn off cookies in your browser’s settings if you prefer.

Google Analytics

Your location, IP address, and other personal information are handled by Google because it is the world’s most popular search engine. Indeed, we don’t have any control as to what Google does with our information.

For you to have a better understanding of how people use our website, we might make use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics has a separate privacy policy from the rest of the company.

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

In terms of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most popular service (AWS). It’s possible to find AWS-hosted websites or other information on the site, such as the contact information, as a result. Data about demographics, geography, purchasing habits, and other aspects of products and websites are handled by Amazon Web Services. We have no control over the data that Amazon Web Services (AWS) obtains.

Children Protection Policy

Protecting children’s privacy online is very important to Auto Engine Lube. Neither does Auto Engine Lube knowingly collect nor utilize any personally identifiable data from children below 13 and neither does Auto Engine Lube knowingly give any personally identifiable data from visitors younger than 13 years of age to any third party for any purpose. Our website Auto Engine Lube should not be used by anyone under the age of thirteen (13 years old).

How We Use Your Personal Information

Personal data collected by may be used or disclosed following one of the following:

  • To fulfill or achieve the purpose for which the data is provided. To give you an example, if you give us personal information so that we can send a lead to an OEM, automobile seller, or another party, we will utilize such information and submit it as indicated, for example
  • For the stated purpose to provide the information. Personal information that you offer to us for us to provide a connection for an OEM, automobile seller or even other parties will be used and submitted as stated.
  • To fulfill your requests for information, goods, or services from us
  • Our products and services, events, and news might be of relevance to you, so we will send you email notifications and event registrations
  • For debt recovery purposes, as well as to fulfill our obligations and defend our rights coming from any agreements entered between you and us
  • Our goal is to make our website more user-friendly and present you with the most relevant and useful content possible
  • For the aim of keeping track of and manage saved user profiles
  • For the aim of crediting the rightful owner
  • For marketing purposes
  • For the purpose of offering users a more personalized and/or customized online experience
  • Aim: To develop inferred search choices and inclination/intent to buy specific vehicles or makes/models for better targeting and installation of customized experiences
  • Product development and site optimization are all a part of this, both internally and externally
  • Use: Research and development; testing; analysis
  • If it is necessary or reasonable to defend the rights, properties, or the safety of our clients or anyone else
  • For aiding in the fight against fraud and crime
  • Law enforcement demands and court orders or government regulations must be complied with
  • As described, at the time of acquiring your personal details or as otherwise specified in the CCPA
  • As a profitable transaction, or as part of an insolvency, liquidation, or other such action in which personal data held by is part of the assets conferred, we may conduct an evaluation or conduct a partnership, divestiture, or restructuring of our resources, whether as a profitable transaction, maybe as part of an insolvency, liquidation, or other such action or similar proceedings.
  • For other purposes that are mentioned in further detail in our policy on privacy

Every personal data we gather will not be used for purposes that are materially different, irrelevant, or incompatible without informing you beforehand.

We Care About the Security of Your Information

Keeping your personal information safe is our top priority at Auto Engine Lube. Our goal is to ensure that all personal information of visitors to is never shared with anyone you don’t want it to be shared with (as long as we can’t prevent it). At the same time, we use algorithmic encryption to keep any data on our servers safe from unauthorized access. When you use our website, you can be assured that your personal information is secure. Then you should have no problem believing in us.

To Learn More, Please Get in Touch with Us

Send us a note through our contact page if you have any questions about how we utilize your information, would like to opt-out of any data recovery we may be a part of, or just want to share your thoughts. When you get in touch with us, we’ll require your email address, name, as well as IP address to respond to you (providing us with your postal address and location). However, this is solely to get in touch with you and clear up any confusion you may be experiencing. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

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