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How to Turn off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key: Experts Latest Guide[2023]

how to turn off MyKey ford without admin key? MyKey option in a ford vehicle is a good feature that enables one to make some restrictions on the driver for the sake of the safety of your loved ones.

But for some reason, the feature must be turned off. That can be done easily if you have the admin key.

But without an admin key, the process is a little bit time-consuming and a piece of knowledge to do that. Let us learn that in this article.

What is Ford MyKey?

Ford MyKey is an available distinctive feature that enables you to program a few keys that limit certain functions to promote a clean driving habit. Ford MyKey has 3 standard settings.

  1. It gives a chime alert to fasten the seat belts by the driver and front passenger continuously and mutes the radio until it is done.
  2. Also, It provides an earlier warning to refill the fuel at 75miles before it gets empty rather than a normal warning which would be given at 150 miles before it gets empty.
  3. If the car is already featured with BLIS, forward collision warning, reverse sensing, cross-traffic alert, etc., it will be turned on. Other optional settings are:

Maximum speed limit of the vehicle can be limited. A chime to remind the speed limit can also be designed.

The maximum volume of the radio can be restricted to 45% of the original volume level. Some features like 911 assist, advanced track, do not disturb can be locked.

Which Ford Key is the Admin key?

Out of two keys of the vehicle, the key in which the MyKey features have not opted is the admin Key. The admin key would have no driving restrictions like that are in the MyKey.

It is always worth getting marked the keys, to differentiate easily between the admin key and the MyKey. Only by placing the admin key in the vehicle, the MyKey feature can be turned off or modified.

Admin key is the master key. Usually, if parents want to have control over the driving of their teenage children, they can create the MyKey feature in a key and give that to their children and keep the admin key with them.

A MyKey cannot turn off the MyKey feature. When the Mykey feature is not configured, the vehicle will show that there are two admin keys.

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What if there is No MyKey Option in Settings?

Scenario-1: If the vehicle is featured with MyKey, but when trying to turn it off or to modify, unable to detect the MyKey option in settings, the solution to this problem is that the keys must be reprogrammed.

The steps to reprogram the MyKey by yourself, in this case, are as follows:

  • Start the vehicle with the key to be reprogrammed, if the truck has a push-button for ignition, place the key in the key slot.
  • Once the truck is on and the computer is ready to function, search for the main menu on the truck’s computer.
  • Find the settings and select the MyKey option in it.
  • From there select Create MyKey option and press ok.
  • Now the key used to start the truck is labeled as MyKey.
  • Once the process is reset, the reprogramming of the Ford MyKey feature is done.

Scenario-2: In case you have bought a used Ford vehicle and are provided with only one key and that too is unable to deduct the MyKey option in the settings, then reprogramming can be done with the help of a Ford dealer.

But before that, you need to purchase a new key that suits your vehicle model and year of manufacturing, then get it cut accordingly with a locksmith.

Below are the steps that the dealer would follow for reprogramming.

  • Insert the unprogrammed key in the ignition slot.
  • Immediately the display will glow for the theft alert message since it is an unprogrammed key. The transponder in the programmed keys and the transceiver in the vehicle will communicate and the signals should be matched.
  • Next, keep the key in the crank position and turn it on but it will not start.
  • Connect the ID scan tool to identify the vehicle.
  • Next, in the programming section, the ID tool will ask to wait for 10 minutes to gain security access. Once done, the dealer will input the required key codes that were received from the manager’s login.
  • In the next pop-up window, access to various components will be displayed. From the option select Body -> Security -> PATS functions -> OK
  • Next, a message showing “Operation in Progress’ along with a progression bar will be displayed.
  • Once it has been completed, all the PATS functions will be displayed. it means that it got security access.
  • In the PATS function list select the “Ignition Key Code Erase’ Which will erase all the previous key access.
  • Select the ‘Enable’ function, which will program the new key in the vehicle’s system, and the new is programmed.
  • Finally, turn off the key. Reprogramming of the key is done.
  • Before leaving the dealer’s place, ensure that all the buttons in the fab function properly.

Disable Ford MyKey: How to Turn off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key.

METHODE-01: How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

Accessories You’ll Need

(i) Ford Computer

(ii) FORScan Software

(iii) USB OBD II Adapter

When we do not have an admin key and must turn off the ford MyKey feature, it can be done by using third-party apps like FORScan (for use in Laptops) or Fordsys Pro (for mobile use), along with a USB On-Board Deductor II adaptor. The following are the steps to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key.

  • Turn on the vehicle with the available key which has the MyKey feature. If the truck has a push-button for ignition, place the key in the key slot.
  • To turn off MyKey ford without an admin key, you should use the third-party app as mentioned above.

Step-01: For this, FORScan software can be downloaded. A 16-pin device OBD 2 port is needed to directly connect the laptop that has the software, with the system in the vehicle.

Step-02: Along with the USB card plug buy a Ford modified ELM327 with a switch for HSN and MS. Log in to the forscan.org website, go into the forum. Get registered over there. Registration is approved within 24 hrs.

Step-03: Download the software. Different versions are available over there. We must select a suitable version. FORScan Windows version is free software.

License is needed for the software, which is free for 2 months as a trial offer, then it can be purchased.

Step-04: After getting the license, log in to generate an extended license. Provide the personal details. Hardware ID will be asked to fill in.

When you download the license, you can get the hardware ID.It may take a couple of days to get the license key.

Step-05: Once the FORScan software is ready, the MyKey feature can be turned off using it.

Step-06: Connect the OBD 2 adopter to the system in the vehicle to enable the USB to get access to the app. Or else, using Bluetooth or wifi the app can be paired easily with OBD 2.

Step-07: Once paired, go to the Powertrain Control Module Trouble Code (PCM) page, and select Ford Key on Engine on DTCs (KOER). The app will run the PCM- KOER Test.

Step-08: While running the test the below instructions will pop up.

    • Engine Running.
    • Brake pedal must be applied and released.
    • Steering wheel must be turned left and right.
    • Transmission control switch must be cycled.

Be patient until the test is finished.

Step-09: If it is a keyless system with push-button, then remove the key fab and if it is a normal key system, cover the key fab with aluminum foil to avoid the transponder’s response.

  • Turn off the vehicle.
  • Now, turn on the ignition alone and not the engine.
  • Next, go to Main Menu -> Settings -> MyKey -> Clear MyKey option
  • Ford MyKey is turned off without an admin Key.

A fact to note is that the above method is effective in vehicles that are fueled with gasoline. For diesel vehicles, it may not be suitable.

METHOD-02:(Alternate Way):Clearing MyKey without Admin Key

If anyone is not so comfortable in getting access to the software and computers, there is an alternative method that lets us know How to turn off MyKey ford without an admin key. But it is suitable for older versions of ford vehicles only.

  • By using the service menu, reset the system.
  • Detach the battery.
  • Using a tool kit, get the battery out of the vehicle.

Turning off the MyKey feature without an admin key by doing a factory reset is possible only in the old model ford vehicles, whereby detaching the (–ve) wirings connecting the battery, leaving for some time, and assembled again, after the system in the vehicle has drained all its power.

This would have erased all the information about the key fab in the system and enabled the Ford MyKey to feature to turn off.

An Effortless Way to Bypass the MyKey Feature in the Ford is as Follows:


When you turn on the car with the key, and the vehicle says the “MyKey Active, drive safely,” to bypass it, switch off the vehicle and then turn on it and hide the key somewhere in the vehicle in such a way that the system could not find the key.

Now again turn off the vehicle. The vehicle would say “Restart now or key is needed.” If you start the ignition on, you won’t see anything about the MyKey feature.

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Will disconnecting the Battery reset MyKey?

Ans. If you disconnect the battery and if the vehicle model is after the year 2012, then it will only make the MyKey feature not functioning but not the reset.

Disconnecting the battery or the cables thereof will make the power shut down only. When connected back the system will function as it was earlier and nothing is needed to be done for this.

How do I reset MyKey with Admin Key?

Ans. Power on the vehicle with the admin key, Goto settings, find the MyKey option, find the “Clear MyKey” option. Click the option and a message will be displayed, “All Mykeys are cleared.”

How can I turn off the MyKey volume limit?

Ans: Go to settings, Opt the “MyKey,” Click OK. Find the menu and follow the steps through arrow keys. Reach out to the MyKey volume limit setting, disable the volume limit settings.

Some interesting facts about Ford MyKey are that (i) Without turning on the vehicle, the configuration of MyKey is not possible. (ii) MyKey feature allows having more than one MyKey, but all will have the same kind of settings.

(iii) All the MyKeys can be programmed at the same time only.

(iv) The speed limit, volume limit, and some other features aiding the driver can be changed but the basic features like a chime on not wearing the seat belt, a chime on fuel alert cannot be stopped using the configuration.

When the MyKey feature is turned on, these features will be automatically turned on, it cannot be customized.


Ford MyKey is an excellent innovation in terms of security and a guide to mindful driving. All the restrictions that are designed in Ford MyKey are for the customer’s safety.

The enabling or disabling of the MyKey feature will not affect the performance of the vehicle. It is always better to know how to turn on and off the MyKey features.

Most importantly, to know which is the admin key and which is the MyKey is necessary to effectively use this distinctive feature of Ford vehicles.

Ford is one of the leading manufacturers in the automobile industry, constantly updating its product for the benefit of its customers.

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