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How to Reset Ford Transmission: Auto Experts Guide[2023]

Resetting and diagnosing any troubles with a Ford transmission can be tricky. And even experienced Ford owners are still skeptical about how to reset Ford Transmission?

Most people face a lot of trouble that can be resolved by simply following the instructions on the user guide.

However, people are lazy to go through the manual and often end up complaining about the parts fitted under the hood.

In this guide, we will be discussing the straightforward and effective ways to rest the transmission if you have diagnosed that the transmission is the issue.

What is a Ford transmission?

A transmission in a vehicle refers to the analog that aids in shifting the gearbox. Nevertheless, transmission in Ford cars is no different.

Usually, the transmissions in Ford cars contain a pressure plate, Flywheel, and a clutch that aids in connecting and disconnecting the engine from the exterior body of the transmission.

The clutch is usually incorporated in-between the flywheel and the pressure plate and is connected to the input shaft.

Transmission is highly vital in the functionality of any car as the core functionality of these transmissions is to transfer and uphold the power from the engine of the vehicle to the driver shaft.

Uses and Functions of TCM (Transmission control modules) in Ford vehicles

Transmission Control Module or the TCM is a microprocessor that is situated within the engine system.

Its primary role is to direct the path of the power that is distributed towards the wheels of the vehicle.

One of the major purposes of a TCM is to determine which gear should be employed to provide a smooth shift of gears.

Additional role is to assess road and vehicle movement and communicate this data to the ECM (Engine Control Module), which decides how many rotations the engine needs to avoid overheating.

Transmission control module also checks whether any of the additional modules in your automobile have electrical difficulties.

Why should you reset your Ford’s TCM? 

Before we analyze the different steps involved in “how to reset a Ford transmission?”

It is also important to understand why you should change your transmission control module.

It is critical to reset the TCM on a regular basis to maintain the transmission operating at peak efficiency.

Before the first reset, the transmission will instantly do a calibration inspection, and if any problems are discovered, it will perform a reset.

Some of the significant reasons to why you should reset your transmission control module are:

  • When the motor or gearbox oil has been changed
  • If one of the gearbox sensors has been updated
  • When the Transmission control module was not programmed properly at first installation
  • When car circuitry has been changed

In an automated gearbox, the transmission control module is in charge of shifting gears.

If the automobile has been lying idle for an extended period or if it is experiencing troubles while driving, the transmission control module must be reset.

If there are powertrain difficulties, the transmission control module is not the only component that has to be restored. Other elements should also be reset, according to the nature of the problem.

How to Reset the Transmission Control Module Ford F150? 

Now let us analyze the guide that you all have been waiting for – “How to reset Ford Transmission?” Transmission control modules have a negative reputation in Ford vehicles.

This transmission issue is regularly seen by Ford Fiesta (2011-2016 model cars) and Ford Focus (2012-2016 model cars) owners that use a Powershift gearbox.

Understanding how to reset a Ford transmission control module is simple and will come in handy when you least expect it.

The TCM is an electrical component that regulates all transmission and engine functions.

The TCM is in charge of gathering and processing data inside the transmission system to govern gear shifting and other functions.

This is normally a mechanism found solely in automatic transmission systems. The transmission would be unable to shift gears properly and steadily if this electrical component was not present.

When the module fails, the car will sputter and make a loud noise.

The car may also have downshifting issues, causing it to maintain in a high gear amid significantly reducing, resulting in a lurch.

To reset the Transmission control module, follow the straightforward steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Leave your automobile parked.

Step 2 – Turn off the ignition.

Step 3 – Set the engine switch to the “II” or “run” configuration.

Step 4 – Push the accelerator pedal all the way to the bottom.

Step 5 – Wait for around ten minutes.

Step 6 – Switch the button to the “off” configuration.

Step 7 – Allow the gasses to pass.

Step 8 – Ultimately, after two minutes, start the automobile.

In brief, the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) of a Ford vehicle regulates the motor, gearbox, clutch, and power and fuel supply.

The PCM functions similarly to the primary gland in people; if the PCM is not functioning properly, the motor will not function as well.

For basic debugging, it is a smart option to reboot the Ford powertrain control module. This is frequently effective in resolving minor difficulties with the Ford vehicle.

If you performed this process, your Ford’s transmission control module should have been effectively reset now; if not, simply repeat the cycle.

Do not panic, resetting the TCM of the vehicle is as simple as reading all these eight steps that are mentioned above.


Manually Resetting the Transmission Control Module in Ford Vehicles

Now that you have understood how to reset Ford transmission, it is also important to understand the mechanism of manually resetting the transmission control module, as this can serve as a great alternative if the above process is not giving a satisfying outcome.

Radiator’s engine-driven cooling system is critical to its functionality since it delivers airflow to condition the motor while also eliminating heat from the radiators.

If there is an issue on how this turbine performs, you must manually reset it.

It is not difficult to do a manual transmission control module reset on a Ford car. It just takes around 5 minutes and requires little physical labor.

Any car must be switched off to reset the transmission control module, manually. Secondly, without pressing the power button, turn the ignition to ON. Keep doing this for at least 1 minute.

Then, for ten seconds, flip the ignition to OFF. Finally, restart it for at least 10 seconds.

Ford Focus Transmission Faults to Look Out For

Stalling issues:

Ford noted that the DPS6 gearbox may experience disengagement, which occurs when the vehicle shifts into neutral when moving.

There is also an issue with igniting, as well as a sporadic loss of power when driving. This was the result of incorrect TCM calibration.

Shuddering issues:

Ford confirmed these gearbox issues, agreeing that there was substantial disturbance when the DPS6 was run at slower revs, precisely like a manual automobile.

Gear-shift hesitation:

During changing gear, the clutch is not connecting or is hesitant to engage. It might be due to transmission oil leakage or an incorrect module assessment.

Strained clutch issue:

When you push the gas pedal, a lagging clutch refuses to remove the clutch disc from the crankshaft in your car.

While changing gear, this problem causes the gearboxes to collide and the automobile to accelerate.

A trailing clutch is typically caused by a mechanical malfunction or clutch misalignment.

Shaking of the car while driving:

Any form of pounding or rattling that happens as the gears shift is more typical in automobiles with automatic transmissions.

This is frequently a definite sign that your transmission is malfunctioning. When this occurs, you should have your car evaluated by a specialist as quickly as possible.

Sloppy shifting of gears:

It is not only frightening and unsettling if your gears abruptly fall in and out of position while traveling, but it is also unsafe because travelling with a sliding gearbox is never suggested.

When you notice the engine revving throughout a gear shift, you know your gearbox has slid.

It is sometimes equated to the sensation of driving in snow, with little visible grip on the roadway.

Other signs of slipping gears involve a lag in accelerating, unusual sounds, and a unpleasant reaction while shifting gears.

Ford Focus Transmission Malfunction Reset

Ford introduced the DPS6 dual-clutch transmission, commonly referred to as the Powershift transmission.

It was employed in the Focus vehicle years 2012 to 2016. Rather than a standard automatic transmission converter, the Focus has more modern dual-clutch advanced technologies.

The 2 clutches that link the engine and transmission do not function together, yet they are in synchronization because one clutch contacts the odd gear while another clutch contacts the even ones.

Core benefits of dual-clutch transmissions are that they increase the automobile’s fuel economy and assure a quicker shift.

Common downside of this mechanism is that it slips the clutch and has faster changes than a regular automatic transmission.

These challenges are exacerbated by Ford’s decision to employ a dry clutch rather than a wet clutch for economy. Because a wet clutch engages more smoothly than a dry clutch, it is more preferred.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the early symptoms of a transmission failure in Ford cars?

Early detection of gearbox issues, like with any other component of your car, could save hundreds or thousands of dollars and avoid future, more catastrophic problems to your car.

Which is why it is critical to understand the early symptoms of transmission issues and what to do if you see any indicators of malfunction.
Some of the early symptoms include:

Hesitation while shifting gears:

If your car is unable or struggles to shift gears, you are most certainly dealing with a gearbox problem. Low or improper transmission oil types might be the cause of your car’s refusal to shift gears.

Loud cranking noise when on neutral:

Strange noises emanating from your car while it is in park are an indication that something is incorrect with your gearbox.

If you are lucky, the vibrations may signal that your automobile needs fresh transmission fluid, which a specialist will clean and refill.

On the other side, it might indicate that your vehicle requires a replace or further servicing from a skilled auto repair.

What is the cost of fixing a new Ford transmission?

Transmission replacement expenses vary from 300 dollars to 1,400 dollars on the median.

For instance, if your manual gearbox requires a new flywheel, you may expect to pay between 800 dollars and 1,500 dollars.

Replacing Ford Transmission, on the other side, is among the costliest repairs imaginable. Replacements can cost between 1,800 dollars to 3,400 dollars.

Can I drive my car if I have transmission malfunctions?

You must avoid using your car if your car has any transmission issues. This is because of the risks associated with unpredictability in transmission.

While there have been problems with the transmissions not engaging or sliding, the car may start shaking abruptly while driving.

If you are driving at a quick pace, this can be extremely dangerous.

The car may also abruptly change into another gear, causing it to lunge ahead and collide with another vehicle or drive you off the lane.

How long is the warranty period in Ford Focus vehicles?

The gearbox is covered under the transmission warranties in the Focus and Fiesta for 7 years or 160000 Kilometers. The TCM computer has a 10 year or 150,000-mile guarantee.

Customers will directly be reimbursed if they have paid for any clutch repairs.


There you have it! A complete guide on “How to reset Ford transmission.” Now, let us have a quick recap. A TCM is a regulator that handles the automated driveline gear shifting mechanism.

Transmission control modules are essential for a seamless and effective driving.

Transmission control modules record vehicle speed, rotational velocity, and vehicle weight by analyzing output from numerous sensors such as the accelerator, clutch pedal, brake, and gearbox temperature difference.

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