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How to Reset Ford Battery Management System:Guide From an Expert[2022]

Many folks are looking to learn how to reset Ford battery management system. A formal technique to reset the ford battery management system is provided in every vehicle owner’s manual.

But all Ford car owners struggle to follow the instructions. If you can charge for 45 mins and allow 8 hours, you can as well reset the BMS manually.

You may either wait for hours or make a small adjustment on your truck to reset the BMS on Ford. And, to help you out, we have compiled two techniques for resetting the battery management system.

But before we dive into those, let`s first take a deep look into what a BMS reset is.

What Is BMS Reset?

BMS reset is the act of optimizing the performance of a new or charged battery. In clear terms, resetting the BMS will improve the performance of the new battery or charger.

A BMS reset is required for Ford trucks that have recently replaced or charged their batteries.

During this time, the BMS can re-learn or re-program the BMS will exhibit electrical system disable if not reset.

If you look at the 2011 model year, both Ford & Lincoln automobiles feature a battery management technology to assist in saving battery power.

Ford models have a similar technology that limits recharge pace based on battery life and sulfation.

Ford trucks need BMS to reset to work properly!

Why Is Your Battery Light On?

This experience is commonplace with most car owners where the battery light of your ford suddenly comes on as you are driving. You may not be able to discern if it is safe to drive with the light on or not.

There are two scenarios where the battery light of your ford may come on as you drive!

01. When You Start Your Car

Probably, it is safe to assume that your car’s battery is fine if the light turns on as soon as you turn the ignition on.

Because battery lights sometimes normally come on whenever you turn on your car, and eventually, they will shortly go out. If this is the situation, then no cause for alarm.

02. As You Are Driving, the Light Suddenly Pops On

One of the most misunderstood indicators in your car is the battery light. Sometimes this may be misunderstood as indicating that your battery needs replacement.

Though your battery may be defective for one of these circumstances, the light is not on because of this.

It simply means your alternator is not charging properly, which is why the light is on. In the earlier days, battery lights were referred to as generator lights and typically carried the abbreviation “GEN” on the light itself.

To this day, it is a little-known fact that a number of these lights were later designated as “ALT,” but over time they evolved into a little battery indicator or battery word itself.

Another area to consider can be the battery cable, or any other wire connecting the charging system’s components that may be loose or rusted.

Or whether the voltage regulator or the alternator is malfunctioning. Alternators convert the stored energy in the battery into usable energy.

Because a defective alternator is not recharging the battery, you will have a dead battery if the alternator or the auxiliary belt driving it fails.

For example, a corroded battery cable termination, a defective wiring system, or a battery that is leaking electrolyte are all probable causes.

How to Reset Ford Battery Management System?

According to a Ford service writer, the BMS was not made to be serviced by the driver.

According to a helpful Ford expert on the Internet, it is critical to do a battery monitoring system reset first, using the scan tool after replacing the car battery.

If your battery monitoring system is not reset, it will retain the previous battery data and time in the service counter.

Additionally, it informs the system that the battery is nearing the end of its life and may restrict the Electrical Energy Management system’s functionality.

Under warranty, it should be straightforward. Assuming your battery is charging, and you have verified this with a voltmeter, request that the battery and alternator output be checked; if both are OK, proceed to reset the BMS.

Ford Battery Management System Process

To reset your BMS, the procedures are not difficult, but you must become familiar with two methods.

01. Using FORScan to reset

02. Without Using a Scanner Tool

Ford BMS can be reset manually or with the use of a scanner tool. FORScan is a scanning tool that detects the presence of a BMS module when used with any external OBD II adaptor.

Additionally, we have included another way for easily resetting the BMS that does not require an adapter or a scanner tool.

Note: Before attempting the approaches, turn off your truck for 30 minutes to allow the Battery Management System to reset properly.

First Method – Using FORScan to Reset

You will Need the Following Items:

  • A vehicle OBD
  • Adapter

 Step #1 – Connect your truck’s positive cable to the positive post of the battery. The negative cable should then be connected to the vehicle’s ground. Take care not to connect the negative cable to the negative post.

Step #2 – When your battery is ready, use FORScan to initiate the reset procedure. Along with the laptop, connect your OBD II adaptor to the PC.

Step #3 – Install FORScan if it is not already installed on your laptop. Then insert your key into the truck`s ignition but do not start it.

Step #4 – Connect your FORScan to your truck`s diagnostic port. After that, a tab will appear in the laptop’s FORScan window. Following that, navigate to the wrench symbol, which represents settings.

Step #5 – Locate and disable the BMS Configuration. Following that, you must alter the code according to the instructions in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. After making the necessary changes to the code, click the Play button situated beside the Stop bar.

Step #6 – Adhere to the directions displayed on the screen of your laptop. Then, click on your truck`s stop bar to finish the reset procedure.

Step #7 – After that, unplug the FORScan from your ford truck and the OBD II adaptor.

Second Method – Without Using a Scanner Tool

If the first way does not work for you, this strategy will without a certain reset the BMS without the need of a scanner tool. This method is quite successful for Ford cars without the rear fog lamp button.

Therefore, without further ado, here is the process:

Step #1 – Before you begin, get into your truck, and shut all the doors.

Step #2 – After that, simply enter your key into the truck`s ignition to effortlessly reset the BMS. Ascertains that the truck is not started.

Step #3 – Wait a few moments. Simply verify that the battery indicator is blinking up to five times before proceeding to the next step.

Step #4 – After that, immediately depress and release the brake pedal. You must repeat the procedure up to two times.

Step #5 – Now, pay attention to the battery indicator on your dashboard and determine whether it flashes after 5-15 seconds.

Step #6 – If the battery indicator flashes up to three times within 10-15 seconds, the battery management system of your truck has been properly reset.

Step #7 – Without which you will have to power off your truck and wait up to 30 mins before restarting it.

Step #8 – Following that, you must repeat the process from beginning to end.

How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150?

01. Shut Down the Power of Your Truck

All systems must be shut down before starting the process of resetting your battery light. Your car’s battery light is blinking because it still has some power left in it.

Your vehicle’s accessory systems, such as the headlights, air conditioning, and heating system must be turned off.

02. Perform a Battery Check

Lift the hood and check the battery connections if you suspect damage. Investigate the incident to find out what caused it.

Battery conductivity issues might be indicated by the presence of white or green material on the battery terminals. Make sure you use gloves when you open the terminal.

03. Make Sure the Battery Terminals Are Free of Debris

Battery terminals corrode over time, just like any other piece of equipment. When the battery lights turn on, you will need to tidy up the battery terminal to save money.

Use a home cleaner and some hard work to finish the job. Clean the batteries with a toothbrush soaked in the cleanser.

04. Keep the Clamps Tight

Clamps should also be cleaned while working on battery terminals. Using pliers, a wrench, and a screwdriver, ensure that they are all in the loosest part.

You should read the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) instructions instead.

05. Reset the Battery Cables

Before putting your battery light on, be sure the battery wires have been restarted. A red wire connection near your starter motor’s relay should be connected initially.

You will see a red outlet cable linked to your truck`s alternator and the fused connection of the relay in this picture. Consult a specialist for help if it looks that the connection is broken.

06. Charge Your Battery

Your Ford battery needs to be recharged. A scheduled category for the voltage regulator and alternator is necessary. Taking care of the battery as soon as the voltage dips and the battery light is “ON” essential.

07. Replacement of the Alternator Belt 

Headlights, electrical options, music, radio conferences, and the charging system all rely on a properly functioning alternator.

Most battery drains quickly when the alternator keeps failing and is running low. So, if you need to have your alternator system fixed, consult with a qualified repairer.

The alternator belt may need to be replaced, which might cost from $100 to $150.

08. Then Reset Your Battery Light

Turning off your dashboard battery light is now the last step. First, you must gain access to the computer system.

Know the method for fuel testing (FTP). Gas mileage and the charging system for the alternator are at issue.

To get your battery light back, follow these instructions:

  • I would like you to visit Ford’s diagnostics page
  • Use multiple points to detach the battery.
  • Go to the vehicle’s home screen to use the data stream to recharge the battery after you have disconnected.
  • Modify your battery temperature, charging voltage, and a slew of other settings before stopping for the day.

 09. And Reset Your Battery

Finally, it is time to perform a factory reset on the computer’s battery. The (BCM, BMS) system of your battery should be checked to ensure everything is in order.

How Much Does It Cost for Ford BMS 

A 150V BMS (50 batteries) costs $250, while a 600V BMS costs $1000. NiMH charging is not as critical and is safer than LiPo.

So, for $210, you could create a 360 VDC pack from three hundred of these, which would be plenty for a mid-size truck like a tractor.

At 20 grams apiece, 300 pieces are 6 KG, far less than the equivalent in lead. It is not outlandish to utilize twenty of these packs for a 20kWh EV pack, costing $4200 and weighing 120 kg.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is My Battery Still Charging with the Light On?

If your battery light is still on, there may be a weak correlation between your battery and the alternator wires. This may cause other issues like a delayed start.

Why do we need a BMS?

Ford trucks need their battery management system to modify and optimize the performance of the battery to work safely.

Can a Bad Alternator Damage a New Battery?

Never use a new battery with a malfunctioning alternator. It can destroy a new battery.

Final Words

You now know how to reset Ford battery management system. Using the above-mentioned methods, you should be able to do it in the real world.

Subsystems can be controlled by the BMS because it is among the most important parts of the ford vehicle. But most BMS problems can be fixed with a simple reset.

It is also possible for you to opt-out of the lengthy process by simply charging and waiting, which will not incur any further costs on your part.

We hope you will try them, however, because they are far easier and faster than waiting for eight hours. Your battery management system is also reset.

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