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Ford Rear View Camera Problems: Experts Guide With Solutions[2023]

Do you have a ford car? Have you faced several Ford rear view camera problems most car owners face? Did you try to solve the problem without any changes?

It is like treating malaria but still experiencing symptoms of malaria. Well, this article is your final stop to your predicament.

It does not matter if you find your rearview camera disappearing whenever you want to park.

You do not have to get agitated, as will unveil hidden secrets to dealing with any Ford rear view camera problems you might face.

You cannot park appropriately without your rearview camera; let us make the process easier.

Ford Rear View Camera Common Problems & Solutions

Understanding the main problem of your ford rearview camera is important. Only when you know the problem can you seek for solution.

Without a doctor diagnosing a patient, he cannot prescribe any drugs.

Your ford truck is not exempted, even though you might feel overwhelmed. It is tiresome to see your car in this condition after a long time.

You do not have to freak out because it is not a big issue. Most car owners have experienced similar situations. It is not like there is no solution.

There is always a solution, which we will proffer to handle any Ford rearview camera problems you face.

Nevertheless, before we talk about fixing your rearview camera, let us look at the common problems that might cause your back camera to experience a glitch.

01. Delay camera screen

If you find your ford car experiencing a delay in the camera screen, it is a wiring issue. It is a common issue that confronts most ford rearview cameras.

Therefore, you are not facing an isolated problem. While it can be an annoying issue to face when driving, you can fix it. In addition, it happens randomly, so you cannot control this problem.

This is what happens for those who do not know what the delayed camera screen is all about. You switch your car on, and the cameras take over 15 seconds to come up as you try to put your car in a reverse position.

In certain situations, the camera screen will not display anything. However, you will observe an error message “Unavailable camera” appear on the screen.

As stated earlier, the primary culprit is a wiring issue. Another reason for the delayed camera screen is a faulty camera.

The only option is to purchase a new rearview camera in this situation. Ensure you seek the advice of a professional before venturing to get a new rearview camera for your car.

02. Faulty or damaged mounting bracket

Peradventure, you have a damaged or faulty mounting bracket, your camera will malfunction. Nowadays, it is easier to know if your mounting bracket is faulty because the camera will stop working instantly.

Besides this, if you find your camera shaking whenever you want to reverse your car, it means you have a faulty or loose mounting bracket.

Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem by replacing the mounting bracket. The bracket is not like other expensive items. You can minimize the cost by installing the mounting bracket on your own.

Note: During installation, do not extremely tight the mounting bracket as it might shatter or break because of pressure on it.

03. No visual display on the Screen

Another issue you might face is your camera not showing up. Unlike the delayed camera screen, you will not experience any delay as nothing seems to show on the screen.

However, with the right setting, you can resolve this issue. You can turn everything off from the setting, and the issue will be sorted out.

04. The camera is upside down

Once you observe your car camera in an upside-down position, the first thing you might consider is that someone flipped the camera.

It might look like a joke, but it is among most people’s Ford rearview camera problems.

In most situations, this problem is caused by a software glitch. Ensure you update the software as it is the only solution to fix an upside-down camera.

However, if it does not work, you can reset the camera. Notwithstanding, if both solutions do not work, it is time to buy a new camera for your car.

05. Substandard quality camera

Lastly, shoddy quality camera is another thing that can cause Ford rearview camera problems. You might sometimes buy a bad or low-quality camera because you do not have eyes for ford cameras.

Alternatively, it can be a good camera but is not compatible with your car. Interestingly, suitability and compatibility are essential factors when buying a car camera.

When you experience a substandard quality camera, it is either the camera is not suitable for your car or not compatible.

How to Fix a Ford Rear Camera (step by step guide)

When you know how to fix any Ford rearview camera problems, you will not be moved when confronted with any issue.

If you have the time and want to DIY, you have everything you need in this how-to-fix a ford rear camera step-by-step guide.

Although we do not advise you to take things into your hand, you can save thousands of dollars doing it yourself. If you are ready, let us get started.

Items needed:

To go through the several steps, you will need specific tools. People hire professionals to handle the tasks in most situations because they don’t have the required tools. However, with a few bucks, you can get yourself these tools.

  • A new camera (It should be compatible with your car)
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • A new base emblem

Note: You need a new base emblem because once you remove the previous one, there is every tendency you might crack or break it.

Therefore, you cannot use the crack or broken emblem for a new camera.

You need a screwdriver to remove the base emblem and replace it, whereas the socket wrench enables you to remove other fixtures and screws on your car.

Step One – Set up the area

Firstly, you need to set up the area you want to use to fix your ford rearview camera. Endeavor to drive the car into an area with adequate ventilation and lighting.

In addition, avoid days when the weather is hot and sunny. Alternatively, you can use your garage to install your new camera.

Step Two – Removing the base emblem

Before you replace your camera, you must remove the base emblem. Whether it is your first time or not, it is a straightforward process that should not take much time.

Nevertheless, do not forget that the base emblem can break when pulling it apart.

You do not have any alternative to keep it intact. Therefore, make up your mind to acquire a new emblem before starting the process.

With that sorted out, you can start taking the base emblem out. Follow the process below to pull it apart.

  • Go beneath the base emblem with the screwdriver
  • Place your hands around the base emblem while moving the screwdriver
  • Apply pressure on the screwdriver.

If you, do it properly, you will observe the base emblem tabs will be broken. You do not have to worry because you have the replacement already.

Step Three – Take out the screws

After removing the base emblem, you must remove the screws from your ford car. However, here is a simple step to follow to take out the screws.

  • Take the socket wrench to loosen the screws
  • Place the screw somewhere you can easily locate them

It is not a complicated process that should consume much time as you already have the tools you need. If you could remove the screws using the socket wrench, you can continue to the next step below.

Step Four – Removing your camera

You must be extremely careful here, especially when pulling the camera away from the connector.

Although you might not need the old camera, you still must be careful because you need the connector. If you follow the steps below, you will not destroy the connector.

  • Apply a little pressure as you hold the connector. Ensure the pressure is not too hard because it can damage the connector.
  • Peradventure, you find it hard to remove; use the screwdriver while applying a little pressure. With this, the camera should be out by now.

Step Five – Installing the new camera

Brace up because you are almost done fixing your Ford rearview camera problems. Everything we have done is to prepare you to install the new camera.

You do not have to rush the installation process. Ensure you take your time as having a perfectly installed camera is essential.

To install the new camera, follow the process below.

  • On the new plate, unscrew the holding tab. Ensure you take the holding tab out; else, you cannot install the new camera.
  • Hold the new camera and place it inside the new plate. Ensure you do not place it backward; else, you will see an upside-down image when you look at your ford rearview camera.
  • If you are sure, you place it correctly, you can screw the camera.
  • Then take the connector and plug it into the camera.
  • You will hear a clicking sound to indicate that you have placed it properly.
  • Use the screwdriver to screw everything

If you follow this step-by-step process of installing a new camera, your camera should work correctly. However, you need to test run it to ensure everything is working.

Enter your car and place it in a reverse position to see if it is showing. If you like to watch and practice the steps, here is a video link to help

Ford Backup Camera Calibration

Once you complete the installation process, you need to configure the camera for better output. Even after fixing a new camera, you might experience some of the Ford rearview camera problems.

For instance, the warning lights and zoom option might not display on the screen.

Therefore, programming or configuring it can solve this issue. If you decide to leave it that way, most of the key features might not work optimally. Therefore, here is what to do to program your ford camera.

  • Download and install FORScan on your computer
  • Use an OBD device to connect your computer to the car
  • Open the FORScan application and click the “Connect to the vehicle” button
  • You will see different windows popping out; ensure you have everything requested before clicking “OK.”
  • Start the scanning process
  • Immediately the scanning process is complete, click on the wrench icon to continue.
  • Scroll downward, and you will see “Rear Camera Calibration.” Click on it.
  • During this process, you will observe a window popping up and requesting to switch off the ignition. Turn the ignition off before proceeding.
  • Switch on the ignition twice without placing your foot on the brake
  • The software will provide detailed information about your car
  • Place your car in a reverse position to check if the camera works perfectly.

With this, you have successfully calibrated your ford backup camera. Give yourself a treat because you have saved some money you would have used to hire a professional to install and calibrate your ford rearview camera.

Watch this video to see how you can easily calibrate your Ford camera

FAQs of Ford rear View Cameras

Why is there a camera glitch on my ford car?

It is hard to pinpoint what the main problem might be. However, most people assume that a faulty camera is why your backup camera might glitch.

Nevertheless, you can use the FORScan software to ascertain what the main problem is all about.

What is the reason for my camera showing a black screen?

The likely culprit is a wiring problem when the screen switches on and off. It is among the common Ford rearview camera problems most people face. You can fix this problem by ensuring all the cables are correctly connected.

What is the best way to test a ford rearview camera?

Download and scan your car using the FORScan software. The software provides detailed information about why your camera is malfunctioning.


Understanding the likely Ford rearview camera problems can go a long way to determine the solution your car needs.

Fixing your rearview camera is an effortless process that does not require you to hire a mechanic.

If you follow the steps in this article, you can congratulate yourself on installing a new camera in your car.

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