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Ford F350 Transmission Problems[+ Best Solution-2022]

If you own a Ford F350, you know that several Ford F350 transmission problems can concern you. However, these problems are not bad as the previous model’s problems.

But it is more than enough to cause some headaches. If you own an F350 or planning to buy a new one, this article might help you remarkably.

Having said that, before we dive into Ford F350 transmission problems, here are some facts about Ford F350.

Overview of 2022 Ford F350

For some time, Ford F150 certified as one of the best pickup trucks in the market. Regardless of the brand or the model, F150 dominated the automotive industry.

However, with the 2020 Ford F350 release, all of this changed considerably. Ford F350 is a few steps advanced than the F150 model.

Besides, Ford F350 has all the features the F150 has and more. For your knowledge, here are some of the biggest positives of the Ford F350.

  • Impressive tow capacity
  • Good Payload capacity
  • The aluminum body makes the F350 lighter
  • Highly efficient
  • Comes with cool innovative technologies

What Transmission Does the Ford F350 Have?

In 2019, most people were excited to get a new engine and transmission with a 2022 Ford F350 truck. So, Ford did pull out all the tricks for this F350. When you buy an F350, you can choose from two different engines.

  • 7L diesel engine with the power stroke
  • 3L Godzilla V8 gas engine

However, when it comes to transmission, the 2020 F350, is equipped with TorqShifts 10-Speed automatic transmission.

Ford add power takeoff options such as Live-Drive for this 10-Speed transmission.

About TorqShift 10R140 Transmission System

TorqShift 10R140 was introduced for the 2020 F350 model and comes with a ten-speed transmission.

Compared to Ford’s previous transmission such as the 6R140 6-Speed, this TorqShift 10R140 is a much more improved transmission system.

TorqShift 10R140 Specs

  • Transmission: 10R140 TorqShift 10″
  • Predecessors: TorqShift 6R140 6-Speed
  • Type: Rear wheel drive, automatic transmission with 10-Speed
  • Model Year: Ford Super Duty 2020+
  • Weight: Around 300 pounds
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Transmission Filter: Motorcraft FT-221
  • Transmission Fluid: Ford MERCON ULV/ Motorcraft
  • Service Intervals: Transmission fluid change require every 150000 miles

TorqShift 10R140 Features

  • Excellent power take-off capabilities
  • Light-weighted; 3.5 pounds
  • Various drive modes for different road conditions
  • Improved efficiency

Ford F350 Transmission Models

Apart from the TorqShift 10R140 transmission system, three are three distinct types of F350 transmission models. Ford use these three models for early F350 trucks.

Therefore, in this section, we will look at those three models. Before talking about the Ford F350 transmission problems, it is essential to learn about these transmission models including the TorqShift 10R140.

Ford 4R100 Transmission

Ford introduced the 4R100 transmission in 1999. This model was improved from the E4OD transmission.

With a durable design, this 4R100 transmission had a 1000 ft-lb torque capacity.

TorqShift 4R100 Specs

  • Transmission: Ford 4R100
  • Predecessors: Ford E4OD
  • Type: Automatic transmission with 4-Speed overdrive
  • Model Year: 1999-2003
  • Weight: Around 270 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Transmission Filter: Ford-YC3Z-7A098-BA
  • Fluid Capacity: 17-18 quarts
  • Service Intervals: Transmission fluid and filter changes require every thirty thousand miles

TorqShift 4R100 Features

  • 03 different planetary gears
  • Power take-off capabilities
  • Four element torque converters
  • Based on Ford E4OD

Ford 5R110W Transmission

Ford 5R110W transmission is a recreation of the Ford 4R100 transmission system. This Ford 5R110W transmission was introduced with the 6.0L Diesel Power Stroke model.

Ford use this transmission for the 6.4L and 6.7L Power Stroke models from 2008 to 2011. Even though we called it 5-Speed, the Ford 5R110W transmission comes with six different shifts.

TorqShift 5R110W Specs

  • Transmission: Ford 5R110W
  • Predecessors: Ford 4R100
  • Type: Automatic transmission with 5-Speed overdrive
  • Model Year: 2003-2010
  • Weight: Around 295 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Transmission Filter: Microcraft FT-144, Microcraft FT-180, Microcraft FT-145
  • Max Torque Input: 1100 lb-ft
  • Service Intervals: Transmission fluid and filter changes require every thirty thousand miles

TorqShift 5R110W Features

  • Rear-drive application
  • 5-forward speeds
  • PTO Provisions
  • External and internal transmission filters

Ford 6R140 Transmission

The Ford 6R140 transmission is a replacement for the Ford 5R110W transmission. Also, this transmission system comes with excellent features such as power take-off, double overdrive speeds, a filtration system with increased capacity, and many more. With 6-Speed levels, this is one of the best transmission systems Ford has ever made.

TorqShift 6R140 Specs

  • Transmission: Ford 6R140
  • Predecessors: Ford 5R110W
  • Type: Automatic transmission with 6-Speed DOUBLE overdrive
  • Model Year: 2011-present
  • Weight: Around 325 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Transmission Filter: Microcraft FT-187
  • Max Torque Input: 1400 lb-ft
  • Service Intervals: Transmission fluid and filter changes require every 150000 miles

TorqShift 6R140 Features

  • Manual shift mode
  • Dual media filtrations system
  • Stationary and mobile PTO operations
  • Lengthy service intervals

Features of Ford F350

Now, you have good knowledge regarding the transmission system of the Ford F350. However, here are some specs and features of the Ford F350.


  • Engine Type: Flex-fuel (FFV)
  • Drive Type: Rear Wheel drive
  • Transmission: Automatic 10-Speed shiftable transmission
  • Cylinders: V8
  • Total seating: five
  • Fuel tank Capacity: forty-eight gallons


  • Capable of riding on any type of terrain
  • 37000 pounds of towing capacity
  • It comes with an optional electric winch
  • Lockable storage compartments
  • 7L Power Stroke Engine

Ford F350 Transmission Problems

As mentioned earlier in the article, the 2022 Ford F350 comes with an outstanding TorqShift 10R140 transmission system.

Even though TorqShift 10R140 is one of the best transmission systems Ford has ever produced, it comes with some issues.

So, in this section, we are going to talk about Ford F350 transmission problems.

Besides, there are some issues that can cost you a considerable amount of cash if you did not take the necessary action.

Fixing them early as possible will save you lots of trouble. So, we will give the solution for each transmission problem that Ford F350 has.

Furthermore, here we are going to talk about, especially on Ford F350 10 speed transmission problems.

Harsh or Late Shifting

When it comes to Ford F350 transmission problems, harsh or late shifting is a widespread problem that many Ford F350 users encounter.

If you experience this issue, fixing it earlier can increase safety remarkably.

If you ever see the malfunction indicator lamp flashing in your pickup truck, that is a clear indication of harsh or late shifting.

When you buy a new 2022 Ford F350, most of the time you will experience this issue. However, it will automatically go away after your Ford F350 reaches the 5000-mile mark.

Ford believes sticking valves cause this problem. With time, these valves will wear out. Therefore, the harsh or late shifting issue will be fixed too.

But, in some cases, this issue will not fix even after your Ford F350 reaches the 5000-mile mark. If that is the case, you might have to fix the issue.

How to Fix Harsh or Late Shifting Problem?

If you encounter a harsh or late shifting issue, you might have to replace the valve body of the main control.

Furthermore, you will have to replace the transmission fluid, manifold seal, fluid pan gasket, and filter seal.

Faulty Transmission Speed Sensor

Apart from the harsh or late shifting issue, the faulty transmission speed sensor is also a major problem that most Ford F350 users complain about.

If your Ford F350 has sensor issues, sometimes you will not be able to get out from a specific gear. To understand this issue properly, here is a real-life experience from a Ford F350 user.

According to the user, while he was driving on the highway, the Ford F350 was unable to get out of its seventh gear.

The situation escalated to a point where the transmission system was unable to determine the correct gear for each situation.

So, this might happen to you too. If so, that means your Ford F350 suffering from a faulty transmission speed sensor.

How to Fix Faulty Transmission Speed Sensor Problem?

If your Ford F350 not shifting gears accordingly, you might have to replace the transmission speed sensor soon as possible.

Always remember, in this kind of situation, you must take the necessary action immediately. Otherwise, you might experience huge losses.

Transmission Failure

Now, we have mentioned three major Ford F350 transmission problems. However, transmission failure is the least frequent problem.

On the other hand, it is the biggest one too. Imagine your brand-new Ford F350 transmission system entirely giving up on you; it could be a daunting experience.

The users that have encountered this issue, claimed that after two days, a complete failure of the transmission system.

Also, you will be surprised to hear that these transmission failures occurred in under one hundred miles.

How to Fix Transmission Failure Problem?

Unfortunately, as you can understand there are no shortcuts to fixing this problem. You will have to replace the whole transmission system.

Other 2020 Ford F350 Problems You Might Encounter

Apart from the 2020 F350 transmission problems, Ford F350 can cause some other problems too. Therefore, in this section, we are going to talk about them.

Note: Generally, Ford F350 has not shown any indication of too many problems. Overall, it is a well-balanced pickup truck.

However, here are some minor issues that the Ford F350 users has reported since the truck was launched.

  • In some cases, the owners have a complaint about released or damaged electric tailgates while they are driving the Ford F350.
  • Some owners have complained about the sudden acceleration of the Ford F350 without any force or command. Also, this situation has occurred during low speeds.

F350 Transmission Replacement Cost

Replacing the transmission system can cost you some serious money. For instance, it might cost you over $5000.

However, if the replacement cost is covered by the warranty, you do not have to worry about F350 transmission replacement cost.

For owners that are looking to replace transmission fluid, manifold seal, fluid pan gasket, or filter seal, it might cost from $300 to $900.

However, if your warranty covers all these replacements, it will be excellent for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common 4R100 transmission issues?

Ford 4R100 transmission was first introduced in 1999. It is one of the powerful and innovative transmission systems created by Ford.

However, there are several transmission problems reported over the years by its users.

Transmission Slipping: Slipping gear is a common issue for vehicles with a 4R100 transmission system. Owners complained about the transmission slipping while riding the Ford F350 truck.

Transmission Not Shifting Correctly: When a user tries to shift from one gear to another, the transmission system does not allow vehicle to shift properly. This issue came across with the 2003 Ford F350 models.

Shifting Out or In Automatically: This was a major issue with the 4R100 transmission system. While on the highway, if the vehicle automatically shifted out or in without any force, you might be having this problem too.

How do I recognize a faulty transmission system?

If your vehicle starts acting strangely, it might be a transmission problem. But you need to identify it first. For instance, it could be a transmission problem or could be another issue. So, here are some signs to identify a transmission problem.

  • Your vehicle will not stay in gear
  • Shifts are missing or delayed gears
  • Leakage of transmission fluid
  • When your vehicle has no power
  • Transmission slipping

What are 6.0 Powerstroke transmission problems?

The 6.0L Powerstrokes come with ZF S6-750 or 5R110W transmission systems. Even though both transmissions are related to 6.0L Powerstrokes engine, they are not the same.

Here are some common 6.0 Powerstroke transmission problems, you might encounter while dealing with a 6.0 Powerstroke engine.

  • Low level of transmission fluids
  • Delayed reverse or forward engagement
  • ¬†Faulty transmission range sensors
  • Unpleasant experience on tow/haul mode


We hope that, with this article, you were able to get a good idea about the Ford F350 transmission problems.

When it comes to transmission, Ford F350 has the finest collection of transmission systems. However, a transmission issue can occur at any time.

Even for the brand-new Ford F350, it is a possibility. Therefore, you should have good knowledge about these types of issues. Otherwise, it will cost you lots of money and time.

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