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All About Ford Expedition Towing Capacity:Auto Experts Guide[2023]

Ford Expedition (2022 edition) is the company’s largest SUV. It has an unusually spacious interior for the eight persons it can transport.

The car also has a high level of performance. When there isn’t enough cargo space and you want to transport more things on the road, you can attach them with a hitch.

When properly equipped, it gives your Ford the perfect Ford expedition towing capacity capable of towing up to 9,200 pounds.

Ford Expedition also provides comfort and convenience to family outings because of its roomy interior. In this article, we are going to explore the world of Ford Expedition and its towing capacity in detail.

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What is Towing Capacity?

Expedition can pull 9,300 pounds, while the Expedition MAX can haul 9,000 pounds.

With the optional heavy-loaded towing equipment, of course, that’s the case It’s still a respectable haul for either the Expedition or Expedition MAX even without the additional package.

If you are using this SUV to its full potential, you can tow a wide range of things, including: Boats of considerable size, more than 25-foot-long campers, as well as a wide variety of recreational vehicles, including jet skits, dirt motorcycles, and cargo trailers.

Ford Expedition’s standard engine has enough power to tow your boat to the limit.

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What Ford Expedition has the highest towing capacity?

When it comes to weight, the Expedition Max can carry 9,000 pounds with almost the same package, no matter which driveline is used.

A 2021 SUV with this rating will have the best overall performance. For each SUV, the towing capacity is reduced to roughly 6,000 pounds if the optional packages are not installed.

As part of Ford’s heavy-duty trailer towing package, a heavy-duty radiator is included, as well as Pro Trailer Backup Assist and the Blind Spot Alert System with trailer coverage.

How Much Can a Ford Expedition Tow?

There are no other large SUVs that can pull as much weight as the 2018 Expedition, which has a maximum towing capability of 9,300 pounds (4,218 kilograms).

In addition, the ability to pull safely and confidently is just as important as a vehicle’s towing capability. The Expedition has you covered when it comes to modern towing aids.

Backup is a cinch with the Professional Trailer Backup Assist, which lets you control the trailer by twisting a dial right or left while viewing it on a screen.

If you’re towing a large boat or a trailer that weighs a lot, the Incorporated Brake Controller will ensure that your car’s brakes and the trailer’s brakes operate together seamlessly.

With the optional Blind Spot Alert System, you can observe not only the vehicle’s blind spot but also the trailer’s blind spot.

Trailer Sway Control, on the other hand, ensures a safe and stable ride with your trailer, even in windy situations.

What is a Tow Package?

A towing package is a common option when purchasing a new automobile or truck, or when upgrading an existing vehicle.

Many people think of a tow package as just a trailer hitch, although there is a lot more to this important addition to your car than that.

Even though a car comes with a factory-installed hitch, it does not automatically imply that it includes a tow package.

Towing Hitch

The hitch is, of course, the heart of the towing equipment. Both a simple ball hitch and a receiver hitch can be fastened directly to the frame elements of the vehicle.

Using a hitch pin, a receiver hitch secures a ball in position in the square tube. Type of weight to be pulled will dictate the measure of the ball as well as the receiver.

How to Tell if Expedition Has Heavy Duty Tow Package

Following are some characteristics of the HD Tow Package that can help you tell:

  • Electronic limited-slip differential 3.73 gears are included
  • Ford’s more recent iterations
  • Both a 4-pin and a 7-pin connector are included in the HD Tow Package on Expeditions (2017 and onward)
  • Professional Trailer Backup Assist is class-exclusive
  • Trailer Brake Control is integrated into the system
  • Neutral towing capability is only available when driving 4WD

You can tell if your Ford Expedition is equipped with a Heavy-Duty Tow Package by looking at these additional characteristics.

Here is How to Check!

Check to see if your Expedition’s front end has a distinct suspension system with (coil spring) assembly mounted to the frame rail and two half-shafts connecting each wheel.

A stabilizer bar will also be extended from one corner of the front axle casing to the other. These materials are visible from below, so if you crawl underneath the vehicle in a proper spot near a tire well, you can readily view them.

The suspension system/coil springs are visible since they are mounted to the top of each front axle.

An engine oil cooler, heavy-duty battery (and updated electrical system), fuel tank skit plate, transfer case coolers, and gearbox, larger brakes with one-inch wider rotors, slightly stiffer front springs, and 18-inch alloy wheels are included in the tow package.

Your Expedition has the Heavy-Duty Tow Package if it has all of these features.

However, if it lacks the above features but has a Class III trailer hitch recipient (rather than only a Class II), there’s still hope: it might be configured with the offroad package rather than the tow package.

There are no new features in this version except for the addition of larger offroad alloy wheels with 31-inch offroad tires and enhanced shocks, all-terrain wheels.

Also, skid plates for the front axle and the fuel tank, undercarriage shields to protect the transmission and both driveshafts from damage, and an electronic shift-on-the-fly 4WD system.

These are all good pointers to consider when it comes to Ford expedition towing capacity.

In case you’re still unclear, look up your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the Ford website or on other websites that carry similar information (or consult your dealer) and review the various specs to see if your vehicle has an HD tow package.

Follow this link to learn more.

Reasons to Go for a Heavy-Duty Tow Package

If you’re planning on buying a new car but want to use it to tow, you should consider factory tow packages.

A factory-installed towing package has numerous advantages over purchasing a car with no towing components and having it installed by a local shop.

To begin with, the vehicle’s engineers collaborate from the first design to the final manufactured item to guarantee that it is capable of hauling a trailer.

When towing a large object such as a boat or a camper, vehicle manufacturers take into account additional weight and design their vehicles to handle that additional weight.

To achieve this, they must first consider and then integrate the appropriate equipment into the vehicle’s design throughout the development process.

Here are what goes into it!

Towing By Design

These include a hitch platform, trailer wiring harness, engine cooling ability, and transmission cooling capability, as well as a robust structure for installing the hitch.

Factory designers often modify or upgrade features like rear-end gearing to enable towing to be less of a strain on the engine & transmission.

Additionally, to cope with the increased electrical demand for the trailer’s lights, they increase the battery’s alternator and charging circuit wiring throughout the vehicle.

The car’s internal ECM (Electronic Control Unit, which is a fancy way to describe the vehicle’s computer) is equipped with towing-capable electronics so that installing trailer lights does not compromise the electrical work and connectors.

Finally, to manage the additional weight and strain of towing, they frequently update the vehicle’s basic shocks/struts and brakes.

Not For Everybody

Upgrades and built-in capabilities are not required for all trailer towing activities. As an example, you might buy a lightweight trailer and a BMW X5 to tow your jet skis on.

The (Gross Trailer Weight) GTW of the entire trailer could be as much as 2,000 lbs. An aftermarket hitch will probably suffice, and the additional weight of the two skits and trailer might barely affect the Beemer’s braking and cooling systems.

But if you purchased that same X5 intending to haul 24-foot cuddy fishers weighing 5,500 pounds with no gas and gear, you could see where the factory package — designed and engineered to help the car tow greater payloads with less stress — would be a better option than aftermarket options.

Price Per Value

When compared to an extra hitch, a factory towing package was once prohibitively expensive. Considering everything that is included, package prices have dropped significantly in recent years.

Take a look at the vehicle’s bill of materials, as well as its window sticker and manufacturer’s website, to make sure that the towing package is complete.

Optional Add-ons

What are the benefits and drawbacks of aftermarket towing packages in light of the overwhelming evidence when purchasing a car with a factory-installed package?

There isn`t anything wrong with installing aftermarket hitches and electrical kits. Quite a few owners of cars that have factory hitches removed them and replaced them with an aftermarket hitch.

A few years ago, this was a more regular occurrence because custom hitches were typically rated to haul heavier loads than the OE hitches.

No longer; OE manufacturers have engrossed in aftermarket goods in the vast majority of situations in the last few years, and you can now buy an off-road vehicle with an integrated factory hitch that’s priced comparably with aftermarket options.

Backup Assist for Trailers

“Professional Trailer Backup Assist” is standard on the Ford Expedition that has the Heavy-Duty Tow Package. This feature makes backing up a trailer or launching a watercraft as simple as ever.

Instead of steering the trailer using a wheel in the reverse direction, you can also control it with a knob.

It means you may tilt the knob in the direction you would like the trailer to go in reverse and the program will take control of the steering.

Electronic Rear Axle Upgrade

This implies that power will be transferred evenly to both rear wheels, which will increase grip on slick roads while also enhancing off-road performance when necessary.

It will determine whether your trailer moves or does not move on muddy or snow-covered roads. For towing applications, the 3.73 axle ratio of this car will improve fuel economy and torque.

Brake Control for Trailers

The Brake Control for Trailers (BCT) aids in smooth and effective trailer braking. When the tow vehicle’s brakes are applied, Trailer Brake Control applies the trailer brakes automatically.

An electronic trailer brake can be applied individually to the tow car by using the (BCT) control on the center console.

Adjust buttons govern how much power the (BCT) gives to the brakes of your trailer and can be checked via the dashboard.

The easy-to-use technology makes trailer halting safer and simpler. Dashboard will display an alarm message and an audible alert sound if the trailer’s electrical connection is lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other SUV with a towing capacity higher than the Ford Expedition?

From our research, besides the Ford Expedition Max with a towing capacity of 9,300 pounds, the rest of the SUVs starting from Lincoln Navigator L – Nissan Armada – Dodge Durango SRT, R/T – Infiniti QX80, and the Land Rover Discovery all have a Ford expedition towing capacity that falls within 7,000 pounds to 8,500 pounds.

Are there other Ford towing features?

Ford Expedition’s towing capacity includes a variety of conveniences and storage options:

  • Control System for Cargo
  • Advanced cargo management system
  • Protector for cargo
  • Net for transporting cargo
  • Armrests for the console and a large, lidded storage container

What is Ford`s off-road towing features?

When performing difficult maneuvers, you can take advantage of several additional features, such as:

  • Roll Stability Control (RSC) in combination with AdvanceTrac®
  • Trailer Coverage, BLIS®
  • Differential with Limited-Slip
  • Electronic Control for Trailer Brakes

FX4 Off-Road kit, which includes pro-off-road shocks, 2-speed automated 4WD with optimum towing capabilities, heavy-duty coolers, skid plates, and more, is the best option for extreme off-roading.


As I round up this guide on Ford expedition towing capacityI want you to know that whether you’re towing for work or pleasure, understand the towing capacity of your vehicle before hauling anything at all.

Also, towing safely and legally requires that you adhere to the recommended towing capacity of your car, which is the highest amount of weight that your vehicle is capable of towing.

With this information, you can determine your vehicle’s towing capability, which includes everything from people to wiper fluid, as well as the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) of both your vehicle and the trailer you intend to pull behind it.

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