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Ford Anti Theft System Troubleshooting:DIY Guide With Problems & Solution

One of the most important features on your new ford is ford anti theft system. When you are in trouble with ford anti theft system you need to have all knowledge about ford anti theft system troubleshooting and you are capable of solving the issues with the best anti theft system troubleshooting guide of Auto Engine Lube.

What is an Anti-theft system?

Most vehicles, including Ford, have an anti-theft system. An anti-theft system immobilizes the engine if someone starts the car with the wrong key.

An anti-theft system detects the wrongly-coded key and shuts off the power supply to the auto engine. Thus, it deters a car thief by preventing the vehicle from starting.

Such a clever system can keep your car safe in the parking lot or at home during an attempted theft. No doubt it does a good job of keeping the bad guy out of the car.

However, if the system shuts you out also, you might have to do Ford ford anti-theft system troubleshooting.

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How Anti-Theft System Works on ford

Ford’s anti-theft system is known as SecuriLock® Passive Anti-Theft System or PATS. SecuriLock® immobilizes the engine system to stop your Ford from starting.

For someone to unlock the engine, they must use a uniquely-coded key designed only for your car. Without a key programmed to start your car, a thief cannot accomplish their mission.

One thing to note is that SecuriLock® does not work with non-Ford aftermarket remote devices. If you attempt to use these, your car might develop starting problems.

A correctly-coded key programmed to your auto should not give you problems. If it does, do Ford ford anti-theft system troubleshooting to know the cause of the problem.

Problems With the Anti-Theft System of your Ford truck

Sometimes the anti-theft system of any Ford model may fail to work. When it does so, it may recognize everyone as a thief or trespasser.

You have the correctly-coded key programmed to your car but the anti-theft system rejects it.

If you are currently noticing this problem, you must troubleshoot it at once. What could be the problem? It could be one of the following:

01. Spoiled key

Ford’s SecuriLock® cannot recognize your car’s ignition key if it has spoilt. Instead, it will lock you out of the car the way it does the bad guy.

So, inspect your key fob for any signs of damage. Wear and tear can prevent the SecuriLock PATS from reading the details of your ignition key.

If you have a spare key, try to use it instead. Get a replacement key from the nearest Ford dealer if you have a damaged spare key or have lost it.

02. Interference

As you attempt Ford ford anti theft system troubleshooting, focus on signal transmission.

An encoded ignition key has to communicate with the pre-installed SecuriLock®PATS using RFID (radio frequency identification device).

If nothing is wrong with your coded key, maybe interference from an object in your hand is the cause.

Most people attach their ignition key to a keychain along with other encoded keys. Perhaps you have a new keychain with some electronic components.

Still, you may be holding an electronic device that is preventing the signal exchange between the SecuriLock and your ignition key.

Try to solve the issue by keeping these things away from the car.

03. Damaged ignition lock

After parking their vehicles, most people hope it would be fine. Unfortunately, some places have more cases of attempted car thefts.

If your ignition key seems okay, and nothing is stopping signal transmission, perhaps someone has damaged the ignition lock.

Some people can attempt to start any car without an ignition key. Luckily, a forcible attempt to unlock a Ford car automatically shuts down the engine.

But when someone damages the lock, you cannot start the engine even with a correctly coded key. If you suspect that, contact a Ford dealer near you to start your engine.

DIY GUIDE: How to Reset the Ford Anti-Theft System

Imagine it is a chilly morning and you are preparing to go to work. When you try to start your car, you notice that the engine won’t start.

If your car was fine last night, the first thing to suspect should be the anti-theft system. Failure of the anti-theft system in various Ford models can occur suddenly.

Whether you drive Ford Fusion, Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, Ford F-250, or any other model, there are easy ways to reset the anti-theft system.

You can do the Ford ford anti theft system troubleshooting easily. Read the tips below and watch the video via this link.


01. Inspect your key and keychain 

As hinted earlier, the SecuriLock® PATS may lock your car even if you are the car owner and have the correct ignition key.

Having the right key is a plus, but is it spoilt? If you notice signs of damage, the next question is: do you have your programmed ignition key.

When the SecuriLock coded key refuses to work, you can use the programmed ignition key.

Such a key is the car’s integrated keyhead transmitter that runs all the locks, starts the car, and serves as a remote control.

Try to use it to start your car engine. If you do not have it, purchase a spare integrated keyhead transmitter. Choose an authorized Ford dealer shop.

Your encoded key will not communicate with the SecuriLock if an electronic gadget blocks the signal. Remove other coded keys or electronic devices from the area and try to ignite your car engine again.

02.Examine your car battery and engine wire

Move to the car hood or bonnet and open it. Inspect the engine wire located on the negative side of the battery.

Two things can affect how this wire works: corrosion and looseness. Clean the area should you notice rust buildup. Additionally, tighten the wire if it seems loose.

Hopefully, these actions will stop the beeping sound you hear when the ignition system has a problem. If they do not, open the cable’s connection with a 10milimeters socket.

The top of the cable may have a dusty bolt. Remove the bolt and clean it thoroughly using sandpaper.

Once clean, reattach the bolt and use the socket to tighten the wire connection. You can coat the connection with some grease or some petroleum jelly like Vaseline.

Lastly, start your car with your ignition key. If the anti-theft light blinks, you have done a thorough job.

Is your anti-theft system sensor sending a signal from the Powertrain Control? 

PCM is a signal receiver for your car. It gathers data from different sensors across the auto. Since there may not be any pre-installed PCM, install it first and observe how it will respond.

Does it receive any signal from the anti-theft system? Without the signal, the computer cannot activate the ignition or starter.

As a result, the auto engine cannot start when you turn the ignition key. Try to unplug one of the cables from the PCM and put it back in. Does that ignite the car? If not, move to the method below.

Get a new battery for your key fob:

A car key fob has a battery that may have become damaged or too old to work. Replace it with a new one and see if that trick will cause the ignition system to work.

But if you are running a new battery, do not buy another one. Instead, leave your key in the ON position for about ten minutes.

Keep the car window open. Try to start your auto again after ten minutes.

Push on the Panic Button of your original key fob:

Ford Fordanti theft system troubleshooting process can be as easy as pressing the Panic Button on the key fob. After that, insert the key into the ignition and turn it on.

If you try this once and fail to reset the anti-theft device, repeat it twice. If you have no original key fob, the only choice you have is to buy a replacement one. After that, use the new key to ignite your auto.

Disable the SecuriLock® PATS

Has everything failed? You should now disable the SecuriLock system. You may install the PCM and carry out some modifications to one wire to help stop the anti-theft system from running.

Another alternative is to consult the auto manufacturer. Once you disable the anti-theft system, you have nothing to protect your Ford truck at the parking lot.

If this method does not start your car engine, perhaps there is another mechanical problem you do not know about.

Ford SecuriLock bypass: How to Bypass Anti-theft System on Ford f-150


An anti-theft security system like SecuriLock®PATS for Ford is essential. However, when it starts to misbehave and cannot recognize you as the owner, you can disengage it.

After bypassing the anti-theft system on your Ford F-150, start the car. But how can you do this? Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Ensure you are using the correct coded ignition key. If you choose the wrong one, it cannot start the car.

Step 2: If you have the correct encoded key, and it is not working, you can try bypassing the SecuriLock next.

Step 3: To disengage your system, check if the anti-theft light is flashing. It may blink red or blue.

Step 4: Insert your programmed key and leave it in the ON status for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 5: Check the anti-theft light again. Is it blinking? If it has switched off, turn the key to the OFF position. Leave it that way for about two to three minutes.

Step 6: Now ignite the car again with your key. If it fails to start, begin the above steps again. After a few repeats, this method should work.

Step 7: The next step is easy too. You need to insert the key in the car door on the driver’s end. Now turn your key to unlock the door and leave it inside for about thirty seconds.

You are trying to tell the anti-theft system that you are a genuine car owner. If the trick does not work the first time, repeat what you did above. However, keep on turning the key back and forth. Lastly, start the car and drive away.

How much does it cost to reset the anti-theft system?

First, we would advise car owners to do Ford ford anti-theft system troubleshooting at home. Doing the task is easy as you only need to follow some steps.

Depending on the Ford model you have, you can reset the car’s anti-theft system in about a few minutes. If it is impossible, you can disengage or bypass the system.

When you have tried all in vain, you can seek professional help. Your car could have a more profound mechanical issue that requires a solution.

Still, the anti-theft system itself could have a mishap that only a professional Ford dealer would locate.

Regarding the cost of resetting your anti-theft system, the answer can vary. Professional mechanics have unique pricing systems, and your location also matters. On average, you are likely to part with 75 to 150 dollars.

(FAQ’s) of  Ford Anti Theft System Troubleshooting

How can I turn off my truck’s anti-theft system? 

So your Ford f150 anti theft won’t start? To turn off the system, remove the positive cable from the battery. Next, use your key to turn the ignition system to ON.

Replace the positive battery cable. Then, turn the key off and on repeatedly to reset the anti-theft system.

Can an anti-theft system stop my car engine from starting? 

Yes, it can, although the aim is to stop a thief from starting your car. They require your original coded key to start your engine while the anti-theft system is working.

Without this key, they cannot steal your car because the engine will lock itself.

Unfortunately, the anti-theft system can fail to sense the correctly-coded key. In such a situation, it would prevent you from igniting your vehicle.

The only way out is to know how to reset the securilock system. 

What can indicate an engaged anti-theft system? 

An engaged anti-theft system light will blink blue or red. If you notice the flashing of light on your dashboard, it means the system can protect your car while you are away.

But what if the light comes on and you are trying to start the engine? You should know how to reset securilock system or call for professional help at once. If you do not, your car engine will refuse to start and inconvenience you.

Final words

An anti theft system prevents thieves from stealing your car. Without the original ignition key, no thief can start your car.

Unfortunately, an anti-theft system like Ford’s SecuriLock®PATS can develop issues and stop sensing the original key. In a situation like this, attempt Ford ford anti-theft system troubleshooting.

That entails resetting the anti-theft system to recognize your originally-programmed key. If you cannot do this, seek help from an authorized professional dealer.

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