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[5 Important Issues Solved] Ford 7.3 Gas Problems(2022)

Undoubtedly, Ford is among the most reliable companies in cars. Nevertheless, no company is 100% perfect in whatever it manufactures.

Each model of its engine comes with a slight disappointment. For instance, in most models, you will find Ford 7.3 Gas Problems, which is not something you want to experience.

There are several ford 7.3 gas transmission problems that you might face with your car. However, it is a less talked about issue because few know the main problem and solution.

If you find yourself in this situation, you are at the right place because this write-up will guide you in identifying and solving any of the ford 7.3 gas problems you might encounter.

What is Ford 7.3 gas engine?

Ford 7.3 gas engine remains among the most General Motors to flood the automobile market.

Since its introduction, it has continued to make waves as the mechanics are an electronically controlled direct-injection engine.

Although the motor runs on diesel, it is still durable and reliable. You will find the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke gas engine in cars such as Ford Super Duty Tremor, Ford F-350, and Ford F-250.

Follow this video link to learn more and solve the issues.

Common Ford 7.3 Gas Problems

Remarkably, over the years, Ford motors have outdone themselves. However, the Ford 7.3 gas engine is a masterpiece and exceptional when considered in all aspects.

With all good things, there are always some issues. While the Ford 7.3 gas problems are not new, they are worth mentioning, especially for those who do not know their way out of these common issues.

In this section, we will explore the common problems, reasons for having such problems, and practical solutions to enable you to rectify the issues.

Nevertheless, if you did not find the problem your engine is currently facing, it is advisable to contact your car manufacturer. Without further ado, let us get started.

01. Turbocharger Up-Pipe Leakage

Your Ford Motor with a 7.3 engine has several tiny parts that are especially important. Because of this, it is common to experience turbocharger up-pipe leakage.

Problems like this affect your car’s performance. These pipes are part of the motor’s exhaust system, connecting the exhaust manifold to the turbocharger.

On the other hand, the turbocharger powers your vehicle.

One common symptom to show that you have a turbocharger up-pipe leakage is your car performance decreasing over time.

Once you observe an increase in your exhaust gas temperature, it is a pointer that something is wrong with the engine.


It is essential to fix these issues as soon as possible because it will help your engine become safer, the exhaust will not overheat, and prolong your vehicle’s lifespan.

In addition, you need to rectify the issue because allowing your exhaust to heat without proffering any solution can affect your car in the future.

Peradventure you have this issue of turbocharger up-pipe leakage, the best solution is to upgrade the pipes to avoid any further leakage in the future.

02. Clogged Diesel Fuel Filter

Another major Ford 7.3 gas problem you might face is the issue of a clogged diesel fuel filter.

Assuming it is your first time experiencing this issue, you do not have to feel agitated because others have experienced it.

Your diesel fuel filter can get clogged since the filter is a critical component of your car that ensures the engine runs smoothly.

The health of your car depends on the filter. Filter might be a small thing but can significantly impact the general mechanics of your motor.

Function of the filter is to protect your fuel system component. You need to take adequate care of it because it is prone to disaster.

For newbies, it can be hard to determine when the diesel fuel filter is not good. There are several ways to determine the condition of your filter.

Firstly, you would notice an inferior performance on your Ford 7.3 gas engine. Another noticeable feature is your car misfiring, indicating something is not right.


There is no better alternative than to change the fuel filters to deal with the clogged diesel fuel filter. Nevertheless, suppose you want to achieve better results.

It is advisable to perform a regular check-up on your motor, ensure the filter is not ruined and fix it when you experience any changes.

03. Injector Pressure Regulator Failure

If you do not know or understand what is happening to your car, the likelihood of things getting worse is high.

Your car injector pressure regulator is a device that is mounted on the top of the high-pressure oil pump. It regulates the oil pressure in your car. Primarily, it offers oil pressure to the car’s fuel injector.

While several reasons might contribute to injector pressure regulator failure, one of the main culprits is a stuck regulator.

Since it is a major problem because many people do not know how to unstick a regulator and might not notice it when it occurs.

In addition, sensors in your car can get bad, contributing to its failure. Furthermore, wires can also make you experience an injector pressure regulator failure.


To deal with the injector pressure regulator failure, you need to consult a professional Ford engine mechanic.

Besides this, performing frequent maintenance can also help minimize your regulator from getting damaged.

04. Wastegate Leak Exhaust

Most people do not know that maintaining a motor is not as hard as it seems. Performing routine checks on your Ford 7.3 gas engine can help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Aside from this, it can keep your motor in shape. Lack of maintenance can lead to you experiencing a wastegate leak exhaust issue.

The wastegate is a device that helps control your car’s boost pressure to ensure it works properly. Nevertheless, you might not get that boost you always had when you start using your car with time.

With Ford cars, it can be an issue, and once it has to do with the wastegate, it means there is leaking exhaust. You need to solve this issue quickly because it can damage your Ford engine.

Knowing your wastegate is bad is to check the wastegate diaphragm. If you see any damage signs, you need to replace it with a new wastegate.

In addition, if the ring around the valve gets lost, it can result to exhaust leakage.


Dealing with Ford 7.3 gas problems should not be like a brick wall that is hard to demolish. You can replace the damaged part to solve this issue.

Since the parts are not expensive, we recommend you replace the part instead of trying to repair it.

05. Damaged Oil Cooler System

Finally, your oil cooler system is another critical Ford 7.3 gas problem that can affect your car.

The oil cooler system is an essential aspect of your car mechanics and helps your engine maintain a good temperature.

If your car is affected by extreme heat, the car shuts down automatically.

Regrettably, a damaged oil cooler system is among the most significant inconveniences you might encounter when using a Ford engine.

Not fixing the issue immediately can further damage other parts in your car.

Primarily, the seal connected to your oil coolant system is the main reason you might experience this problem.

Usually, the seal enables the oil to stay in its place, and once it moves or changes position, the oil will leak everywhere.

Therefore, resulting in your oil coolant system getting ruined. Once this happens, it affects your car, leading to a more deteriorating issue for your car.


If you observe that the problem facing your ford engine is a damaged oil cooler system, you have no option but to get it replaced.

Nowadays, you can find an affordable oil cooler system for your car. To avoid regular changing of your oil cooler system, it is advisable to perform regular check-ups and replace the seal and gasket.

Finally, if you do not have the technical ability, it is preferable to contact a professional before any mishap happens.

Ford 7.3 Gas Reliability

Besides the common Ford 7.3 gas problems a lot of people encounter, most people look at the engine’s reliability. Overall, the Ford 7.3 engine is reliable even with minor issues.

Aside from the spark plug and the damaged wires, everything seems perfectly okay with it.

These issues do not frequently occur, meaning after fixing them, the problem is over.

Nevertheless, you can find your spark plug having issues again, depending on how you maintain and use your engine.

Notwithstanding, the straightforward design and features of the Ford 7.3 engine make it outstanding.

Also, it does the job perfectly than other motors. With so many features available, it could be the best decision when investing in a motor. Lastly, the motor does last for a long time, making it an option to consider.

Ford 7.3 Specs Chart

Specs Classification
Cast iron Block
10.5:1 Compression
10-speed automatic transmission
107.2 mm or 4.22 inches, Cylinder Bore
7.3 liter, 444.9 cubic inches Displacement
101.0 mm or 3.976 inches Piston Stroke
430 @ 5500 RPM Horsepower
Aluminum heads
Multi-Port fuel injection Fueling
475 lb.-ft @ 4000 RPM Torque
OHV, variable valve timing Valvetrain


How Long Will a Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Last?

Hardly can you find people talking about how last the Ford 7.3 gas engine lasts because the focus is on the specifications, power, and towing capacity.

While the engine was introduced into the market in 2020, one cannot conclude how long it lasts.

Several things need to be sorted out to determine how long it can last. Besides this, factors such as weather issues, road conditions, maintenance, and driving habits can affect your engine’s lifespan.

Your driving habits and maintenance play a critical role among these factors. Overall, a Ford 7.3 gas engine can last between 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

How Much Does the Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Weigh?

Looking through the Ford 7.3 Gas engine, you will notice that it is a beast for poundage.

You might experience a slight weight difference for each truck with different models available. However, on average, it clocks a weight of 920 pounds.

On the other side, the engine has a high hauling and towing capacity because the weight can affect other cars.

However, the truck might be too heavy in certain situations if you want to use it for towing. To sustain this capability, proper maintenance is essential as it will help prolong its lifespan.

More Questions On Ford 7.3 Gas Problems

What car uses the Ford 7.3 gas engine?

Nowadays, you will find several cars that use this engine to power many motors. Remarkably, these cars have a few specifications available in one another.

You will find the Ford 7.3 gas engine in cars such as Ford Super Duty Tremor, Ford F-350, and Ford F-250.

Follow this video to learn more.

How durable is the Ford 7.3 gas engine?

Compared to other trucks or motors, the engine has high durability and reliability. Because of its durability, most people recommend it.

Ford is a renowned brand known for manufacturing quality products, and the Ford gas engine is not an exemption from its quality.

Is the Ford 7.3 gas engine worth investing in?

Overall, that will depend on your choice. However, if you consider everything about the motor, it is worth investing in.

We highly recommend you buy one of the ford motors with this engine as it offers durability. Besides this, it last longer when maintained properly.


That concludes this write-up on the major Ford 7.3 gas problems you might encounter with your truck.

Knowing how powerful and beneficial the truck is, is not something to take lightly.

Deciding on such a piece of machinery can be a daunting task. However, the ford engine makes the process much easier than expected.

Notwithstanding all the Ford 7.3 gas problems, the motor does not disappoint as it remains among the best you do find on the market.

We recommend you invest in this beast of a truck as you will not regret it for anything. Get your budget upgraded and acquire a reliable truck with a strong engine for your everyday movement.

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