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Ford F150 Supercab vs Supercrew:Know Perfect Comaparison[2022]

If you are in the market searching for a brand-new F150 Supercab vs Supercrew truck, you have much to look forward to. Primarily, you are receiving a better car than you have today.

Smoother handling, improved fuel efficiency, and upgraded features are in store for you and your capability requirements.

Another thing you will need to think about is the type of cab you will require. We will look at the Ford F150 Supercab vs Supercrew and see how they differ from picking which one is ideal for you.

What is Ford Regular Super Cab and Supercrew?

 Days of a client having to make fewer options when ordering a new Ford pickup are long gone.

There are several options, packs, trim levels, motor, cab & box types, wheel, navigation systems, and other available features.

We will look at the Ford F150 Supercab vs Supercrewpickup trucks, which have long been one of the best-selling automobiles.

If you are interested in the F-150, you may select between two cab options: the SuperCab and the SuperCrew.

What is a SuperCab, exactly?

One of the three cab types available on the pickup is the Ford SuperCab, often known as the Super Cab. In 1948, Ford debuted the F-150 pickup truck series to the United States.

F-series was born out of a fresh way of thinking about how vehicles could be employed. A new era was started for Ford inside the truck market.

Ford introduced a new extended-cab SuperCab vehicle in 1974, which debuted in the F-100 series.

An enlarged cab would be adopted in modern truck designs, and it was one of the primary reasons for Ford’s ascension to the top of the pickup truck sector.

What is a SuperCrew, exactly?

In the under-8500-GVW pickup class, the SuperCrew seems to be the only four-door full-size pickup built on the 139-inch wheelbase of the F-150 SuperCab.

SuperCrew is explicitly made for transporting passengers and carrying cargo. The SuperCrew comes standard with a 5-foot bed that can be expanded to accommodate a larger payload.

Unlike the SuperCab, it is available in three trim levels: King Ranch, Platinum, & Limited.

Options for a Bed

Ford F-150 SuperCab is an excellent work vehicle that strikes a good mix between passenger and cargo space.

The usual bed size for SuperCab is 6.5 feet, but it also comes with an optional 8-foot bed for maximum payload capacity.

SuperCrew may be equipped with a 6.5-footbed, which requires increasing the wheelbase and length. SuperCrew comes standard with a 5.5-foot bed. An 8-foot bed is not available.


The distinction between the two options is the most frequent and most accessible to see. Two standard front doors & two rear reversed hinged doors make up the SuperCab’s four doors.

Doors, however, are not full length. Two rear doors have back hinges, allowing access to the back seat from all sides.

Enough space is available for both children and smaller people. In contrast to the SuperCab, SuperCrew features four doors that swing simultaneously.


F-150 SuperCab features 33.5 inches of rear legroom & 40.3 inches of rear headroom, ensuring that passengers in the back can sit comfortably.

SuperCrew, on the other hand, provides more significant space in the back for passengers than the SuperCab.

Even though the front row dimensions stay unchanged, SuperCrew has 43.5 inches of rear legroom, which means it can comfortably fit a regular-sized adult. In addition, SuperCrew’s back seats fold down for more cargo room.

Ford F150 Supercab vs Supercrew: What’s the Difference?

Top features of ford regular super cab

  • More Power Outlets than Your Bedroom.
  • The Gear Shifter Folds Out of Sight.
  • Hidden U.S flags.
  • The Headrests Are Speakers.
  • The Tailgate Is a Better Workbench.
  • Sync 4 Uses More Swiping Gestures.
  • Digital Dash is set up to Tow.
  • There is a Yellow Divider Between the Headlights.

Top Features of Ford Supercrew 

  • Hybrid Powertrain with PowerBoost.
  • Onboard Pro Power.
  • Seats with a fold-back design.
  • Work Surface on the Inside.
  • The Tailgate: All tailgates have tie-down cleats for strapping large cargoes when the gate is lowered.
  • Backing Up: Newer F-150’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist is carried over.
  • Connectivity: New SYNC 4 infotainment operating system is standard on all trucks.
  • Technology for Safety: A new feature slows the truck if you make a left-hand turn.

Common Problems With Ford Regular Supercab

  • Leaks in the head gasket.
  • Many users report passenger-side gasket leakage, especially common in the F-150 series.
  • Leaking Oil Pan Gasket
  • Ejection of the spark plug.
  • Airbags that rupture
  • Brakes that are not working correctly.
  • Engine issues.
  • Suspension Problems
  • Corrosion.

Common problems with ford Supercrew

  • Lug Nuts that are swollen and stuck.
  • The single Cup Sealing Master Cylinder on the Ford F-150 is leaking.
  • Failure of the door latch.
  • EcoBoost Shakes 3.5L
  • Triton Engine Spark Plugs are stuck.
  • Triton Engine Spark Plugs Ejected
  • Complaints about the Ford Touch.

Ford F-150 Regular Cab vs. SuperCab vs. SuperCrew specifications

Ford trucks are available in a variety of layouts and cab sizes.

Here are the distinctions between these configurations, including a breakdown of Regular Cab vs. SuperCab vs. SuperCrew, to help you decide which is perfect.

A Regular cab

If you do not need to carry a large group of people, Ford Regular Cab configuration would usually be enough- for which feature is not available on all luxury vehicles, though. Regular Cab configuration includes the following features:









Seating Capacity        3      3      3      3
Truck Bed Size 6.5 ft/8 ft 6.75 ft/8 ft 6.75 ft/ 8ft 8 ft

There will be one bench seat & two doors in each of the four vehicles.

You and your two guests will have 40.8 inches of headroom & 43.9 inches of legroom in either the F-150 or one of the Super Duty pickups.


Getting promoted to the SuperCab configuration may be the best solution if you require more space for a larger crew or store little cargo inside.

SuperCab is accessible on Ford F-150 and some Super Duty versions but not on F-450. Cab and cargo boxes are compatible with this option.

Specification FORD F150 FORD F250 FORD F350 FORD F450
Seating Capacity         6         6        6 N/A
Truck Bed Size 6.5 ft/8 ft 6.75 ft/8 ft 6.75 ft/8 ft N/A


A significant difference between F150 Supercab vs Supercrew is the addition of the second row of seats in SuperCab.

A door is installed on each side of the truck for quick access to the rear seats.

Because these doors are smaller than the front ones and the handle is inside the door frame, you must first unlock the door before proceeding to the back door.

There still is 40.8 inches of headroom & 43.9 inches of legroom in the front. Your second-row occupants will have plenty of legroom with 40.3 inches of headroom & 33.5 inches of legroom.

While the vehicle has a total seating capacity of six passengers, a front middle seat can be swapped out for a center console & armrest, making room for five instead.

Crew Cab & SuperCrew

SuperCrew cab is the largest cab offered on the Ford F-150. Crew Cab is the most spacious alternative available in the Super Duty series.

Despite their various titles, the two large cabins are identical in size. A cab is only available on the F-150’s most delicate and opulent trim levels.

While the SuperCrew & Crew Cab has the same passenger volume as SuperCab, SuperCrew & Crew Cab provides even more space for travelers to stretch out and relax throughout the ride. Following functionalities are included in this setup:

Specification FORD F150 FORD F250 FORD F350 FORD F450
Seating Capacity       6       6         6         6
Truck Bed Size 5. ft/6.5 ft 6.75 ft/8 ft 6.75 ft/8 ft 8 ft


People in a backseat have more room in SuperCrew & Crew Cab than in SuperCab. It lengthens the body as well as inside.

A front seat remains the same size, while a back row currently offers 40.4 inches in headroom & 43.6 inches in rear legroom.

Doors are the most visible Difference. Tiny doors and hidden handles are replaced with a full-size set of doors that look precisely like front doors and can open or close independently in the bigger cabin.

F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: Towing capacity

Towing and Payload Capacity of the Ford F-150 SuperCab

When outfitted with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, a back wheel (4×2), and an 8-foot box, the SuperCab F-150 can haul up to 14,000 pounds.

When fitted with a 5.0-liter V8, rear-wheel drive, and the 8-ft. box, the truck’s maximum payload is 3,010 pounds. SuperCab F-150 pickups tow more but pull less than SuperCrew F-150 trucks.

Whatever cab design you choose for your F-150, you can rest assured that this will assist you in getting the job done.

Towing and Payload Capacity of the Ford F-150 SuperCrew

The SuperCrew has comparable towing & payload numbers. However, most SuperCrew F-150 combinations have a better overall towing rating than the SuperCab vehicles.

With 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost & rear-wheel drive, the maximum towing capacity remains at 14,000 pounds, but you may select between a 5.5″ or 6.5″ bed.

The 5.0-liter V8 motor, rear-wheel drive, and 6.5″ bed are required for the maximum payload of 2,900 pounds.

F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: Transmission

Difference between a 6-speed transmission and a 10-speed transmission

There are two transmission options available for the Ford F-150. 6-speed automatic & 10-speed automatic transmissions are the two options.

A 10-speed transmission provides additional power, which is useful when pulling weights weighing between 8,000 & 10,000 pounds.

A 10-speed transmission has tiny steps between gear ratios, improving performance and increasing engine power during accelerating.

A broad gear ratio dispersion and a low numeric top gear ratio decrease engine speed at highway speeds, resulting in greater efficiency.

A Ford F-150 has what kind of transmission?

The basic engine is a 3.3-liter V6 with a 6-speed automated transmission.

A 10-speed automatic transmission is standard on 2.7-liter EcoBoost® V6, 5.0-liter V8, 3.0-liter Power Stroke® turbocharged V6, and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engines.

Transmission Fluid for Ford F-150

A transmission fluid replacement costs about half as much as a transmission flush because it uses far less fluid and time.

Transmission fluid changes for your Ford F-150 are essential to maintain your vehicle’s transmission and oiled happily.

If you do not change your fluids at least once every 30,000 miles, your Ford F-150 gearbox may start to slip.

Consult your car’s owner’s manual for further information on the specific mileage intervals your gearbox fluid needs to be replaced.

You can potentially save even extra money by scheduling transmission services online.

Transmission Filter for Ford F-150

Changing the transmission filter in your Ford F-150 is not as easy as changing the other filters in your car.

A filter component, which is commonly a metal backplate with such a fiber material that absorbs impurities, is one of the many components of your transmission filter.

Along with the filter, your Ford F-150 has a pickup tube, gasket, & rubber seal that may need to be replaced.

Every 30,000 or 50,000 miles, your Ford F-150 gearbox filter will need to be replaced.

F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: MPG


  • F-150 offers EPA-estimated gas mileage ratings of 19 mpg in town driving, 25 mpg on the interstate, and 22 mpg combined with the standard 3.3-liter V6 engine & rear-wheel drive. With four-wheel driving, fuel economy drops to 18 mpg in a city, 23 mpg on an interstate, and 20 mpg combined.
  • F-150 offers EPA-estimated fuel economy estimates of 16 mpg in city driving, 21 mpg on an interstate, and 18 mpg combined with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 & four-wheel drive.

F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: BED length

Cabs for Ford F-150s

A cab of your vehicle serves as your base camp, workplace, & leisure zone on the road, from trips to a worksite to daily duties around the farm.

Browse the following options available to make an informed choice on the F-150 cab suitable for you.


If you are searching for a work vehicle that balances space for people and goods, SuperCab layout is the way to go.

SuperCab configuration, which is available on the first three trim levels of an F-150 series, features seating for up to six individuals and the option of an 8-foot bed.

Below are some of the most essential Ford F-150 SuperCab specifications:

  • 40.8 in./40.3 in. headroom (front/rear)
  • 43.9 in./33.5 in. legroom (front/rear)
  • 30.6 cu-ft. of cargo space behind the front seats
  • 6.5-ft. and 8-ft. beds are available.

 SuperCrew cab

In the SuperCrew cab, you will find comfortable, roomy accommodation for six people. SuperCrew has more leg space than the SuperCab and is available on all Ford F-150 models.

A cab option unlocks amenities, including optional current maximum recline seats & available lockable below seat rear storage in various models.

Below are some of the most essential 2021 Ford F-150 SuperCrew specifications:

  • 40.8 in./40.4 in. headroom (front/back)
  • Front/rear legroom: 43.9 in./43.6 in.
  • Cargo 50.9 cu-ft. of space behind the front seats
  • 5.5-ft. and 6.5-ft. beds are available.

[Related FAQs]: F150 Supercab vs Supercrew

What is the length of a SuperCab Ford F-150?

2019 Ford F-150 Regular Cab’s length spans 209 to 228 inches. SuperCab has a length of 231-250 inches, whereas SuperCrew has 232-244 inches.

Is a SuperCab a cab that has been extended?

SuperCab version of the Ford F-150 is simply an expanded Regular Cab with four doors, a seat for five, plus rear windows.

In feet, how big is a Ford F-150 Crew Cab?

A truck’s total length is 231.7 inches, with a 5.5-footbed. Full length is 243.5 inches, with a 6.5-footbed.

Final Words

If you have ever bought or contemplated buying a vehicle, you know that the customization options are virtually limitless.

Engine, transmission, driving system, box style, and any indoor and outdoor colors your heart wants are available options.

You must decide if you ever wish to have F150 Supercab vs Supercrew for Ford vehicles.

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