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Does a Tonneau Cover Increase Gas Mileage?:A Complete Guide[2022]

You should know all about how does a tonneau cover increase gas mileage before get setting on your ford truck. Pickup trucks are great for rigid and robust tasks.

For their better performance and utility, it is essential to accessorize them with accessories that help in safety, improve gas mileage, and enhance the security of the truck.

For this, a tonneau cover can be used. Tonneau covers are best for pickup trucks; they come in various sizes and materials as there are plenty of options to choose from.

How does a tonneau cover increase gas mileage? A tonneau cover provides several other benefits, which is why you must invest in them.

They render hauling flexibility and help retain the resale value of the truck. Hence, you should use a tonneau cover for your vehicle.

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Should I Use a Tonneau Cover?

If you are puzzled and wondering if you should use a tonneau cover, then you must not fret as it is worth it.

Tonneau covers offer various advantages that can be beneficial to you and your truck.

Following are some reasons why you should use a tonneau cover:


Safety is one of the prominent reasons why most truckers choose tonneau covers. These covers protect luggage, whether cargo, equipment, or family trip stuff.

Additionally, it protects the luggage from the weather as they are built to withstand extreme weather, and it protects the luggage from winds, rain, snow, etc.

Safe cargo delivery is vital, and hence, a tonneau cover should be used.

Improves Gas Mileage

If your question is, does a tonneau cover increase gas mileage, then yes, it is true, although by what percent it improves might vary because of several factors.

Tonneau covers are designed in such a manner that they improve aerodynamics. Due to this, less air drag is generated, which puts less load on the engine.

This, in turn, helps you increase gas mileage. You can improve gas mileage by 3% to even 10% compared to other open-bed trucks.

Over time, the tonneau covers offer a great return on investment.

Enhances the Overall Look of the Truck

Apart from providing safety and functionality, tonneau covers also enhance your truck’s overall appearance.

Their designs and finishing are such that they make your vehicle neater and sleek, thereby giving it an excellent sporty and stylish look.

Various types of tonneau covers such as rolling up, folding, and retractable have glossy or smooth finishing, which adds to the truck’s look.

Provides Security 

Tonneau covers help keep the luggage secure; they hide all your cargo effectively, protecting it from damage and theft.

These covers keep your cargo out of plain sight, which helps prevent any harm to the cargo.

Also, some tonneau covers provide a locking mechanism ensuring complete protection and security.

Organized Approach 

Often, you loaded the truck in an organized manner, but later, when you checked, the items were shifted, spilled, or unorganized.

In order to avoid such kind of a situation, a tonneau cover should be used, as it offers an organized approach and prevents your luggage from shifting, and keeps them in the same order as you left.

Hauling Flexibility

Tonneau covers offer great hauling flexibility. Not only can you store the luggage inside the truck bed, but you can also store the cargo outside that is on top of the cover.

Usually, hard tonneau covers are used for this as they are made up of hard materials, such as fiberglass, metal, or plastic.

Since the material is strong, it can haul heavy cargo, but it varies from one tonneau cover to other.

You can also install a rack on top of the tonneau cover and set your equipment on it.

Safeguard’s the Truck 

As a truck owner, you want your truck to be safe and serve for an extended period. This depends on how well you maintain the truck and how much you look after it.

One of the many advantages that tonneau cover offers is safeguarding the truck.

Since tonneau cover prevents damage from weather, it increases the truck’s longevity.

When rainwater or snow accumulates in the truck bed, it starts rusting despite the coating.

In order to combat this, you will either incur expenses on recoating the truck or using it as it is, but you do not need to do any of this if you use a tonneau cover as it will prevent corrosion and rusting.

Retain Resale Value

Over time, when you want to resale your truck, it might be hard to get a lucrative deal if the truck bed is rusted or overall the truck is not in good condition.

But if you use tonneau cover, it will safeguard your truck, prevent damage rusting, increase gas mileage, thereby saving money to provide safety and security.

Thus, when you decide to resale the truck, you might get your hands on a fantastic deal. Thus, invest in your vehicle by using a tonneau cover.

Types of Tonneau Covers

Multiple companies offer different tonneau covers with various features, each with advantages and limitations. Following are some popular types of tonneau covers:

01. Best Folding Tonneau Covers


Folding tonneau covers are popular among pickup truck owners. There are various options in this category, amongst which popular one is the trifold tonneau cover with three folding sections.

Some covers provide more than three folding sections, and it allows you to divide the truck bed space into three or more options and cover or expose the truck bed area according to the cargo.

Both soft and hard folding tonneau covers are available.


  • Installation is easy
  • Secure and durable as compared to soft folding
  • Combats different weather conditions
  • Great payload
  • Simple to operate


  • Very expensive
  • The rear window can be blocked when opened
  • Not secure unless tailgate is locked
  • Soft folding covers are more prone to flap in the wind

02. Hinged Tonneau Covers

As the name suggests, hinge tonneau covers are hinged at the truck’s bulkhead and can be locked in this position (open position).

It does not fold or roll like other folding or rolling tonneau covers, and it is suitable for those who do not haul oversized cargo.

Access the full truck bed or accommodate large-size cargo using a hinged tonneau cover.


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for small size cargo
  • Simple usage
  • Provides a sleek and stylish look


  • Fewer options
  • Blocks view when opened
  • Cannot accommodate oversize cargo
  • Flexibility is limited

03. Best Roll-up Tonneau Covers


The roll-up tonneau cover works the same way as you roll a mat, and they roll up to themselves and provide full access to the truck bed.

You can either roll it up entirely to the back of the rear window or fold it as per your requirement.


  • Stress-free installation process
  • Allows full truck bed access
  • Offers high flexibility
  • High security
  • Protection from the weather


  • Not much waterproof
  • Soft roll-up cover can easily wear or tear
  • Minimal payload

04. Snap Tonneau Covers

Snap tonneau covers have frames made of aluminum; these frames clamp to the truck, thereby securing the cargo.

You can utilize the truck bed as per your need as it offers flexibility, and different sizes of cargo can be accommodated.


  • Installation ease
  • Full truck bed access
  • Provides flexibility


  • Easy wear and tear.
  • Not much strong as the cover is made up of vinyl

05. Best Retractable Tonneau Covers


Retractable tonneau covers are similar to rolling up covers, and these retract to themselves to the truck’s bulkhead. Such covers also allow you to expose or cover the area required by the cargo.


  • Durable and made up of hard material
  • Resist harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Offers security
  • Automatic retractable covers are also available that are more convenient


  • Difficult to install
  • Automated covers can fail to work overtime

06. Decked Tonneau Covers

Decked tonneau covers are tonneau with multiple benefits.

These are multi-function tonneau covers with a drawer system that prevents any cargo from shifting its place, and they provide better and more organized storage.


  • Irrespective of weather conditions, your cargo is safe
  • Locks on drawers provide extra security
  • Affordable than covers
  • Organized storage


  • Installation and assembling are difficult
  • The depth of the truck is decreased

How much should be spent while obtaining a tonneau cover?

The price of a tonneau cover can vary depending on the size, cover material, and whether it is hard or soft covers. Usually, soft covers are affordable as compared to hardcovers.

For soft tonneau covers, the price can range from $100 to $500, whereas hard tonneau covers range from $500 to $1000. Some electric tonneau cover can go up to $2000.

It depends on your requirement and budget how much you are willing to spend. Also, it depends on the climate conditions you face and the load and size of cargo.

As tonneau cover increases gas mileage, provides security, improves the appearance, and maintains the resale value, it is worth spending on it. It offers a promising return on investment as well.

Does Tonneau Cover Save Gas?

If you wonder whether tonneau cover increases gas mileage, then yes, it does. Aerodynamics can do wonders when used correctly.

Tonneau covers improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Because of this, the air drag is reduced. As a result, the engine does not have to bear the load, thereby saving the gas mileage.

The amount of money saved might not be significant, but it is a good deal in the long run. Saving something is better than saving nothing.

You can expect fuel economy to increase by 1% to 5%, although it depends on multiple factors such as the type of truck, load carried, cover material, speed, and similar other factors.

Even though tonneau cover saves gas, it should not be the only factor you consider while investing in a tonneau cover.

Apart from saving gas, tonneau covers provide safety to cargo and the truck, keep your cargo organized, provide flexible hauling, enhance the overall appearance of the truck, withstand extreme weather and retain the value of the truck over time. Thus, all in all, it is a good investment.

Although a tonneau cover increases gas mileage, several other methods can be used to make the vehicle energy efficient.

Firstly, you must ensure to clear the air filter, do not overload cargo, and overwork the engine; overusing the air conditioner or air heater can also cause poor fuel efficiency.

Regularly check the tire’s air pressure, monitor spark plugs, and ensure timely service and maintenance of the truck. Taking these small measures will save more money and effectively utilize fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do tonneau covers lock?

Yes, tonneau covers come with a locking mechanism. Various companies offer different types of security features for different tonneau covers.

It is vital to keep the equipment or cargo safe and for this, using locks is one of the best methods.

Even a soft tonneau cover provides locking options; however, the type of locks or methods to lock might differ from one tonneau cover to another.

Does tonneau cover increase gas mileage?

How does a tonneau cover increases gas mileage? This is done by sealing the airflow from the truck bed because aerodynamics is improved.

In this way, the engine can work to its optimum as the load is balanced. Thus, air drag is reduced, saving the gas money and making the truck more fuel-efficient and economical.

Is the tonneau cover worth the investment?

If you want to get hold of the long-term benefits, then yes, a tonneau cover is worth the investment. They offer colossal benefits to the truck as well as the cargo.

Moreover, these prevent damage and theft, improve appearance, make installation easy to use, increase the truck’s life span, and comb extreme weather conditions.

Also, a tonneau cover increases gas mileage which helps in saving money. Hence, a tonneau cover is a good investment, and it provides a profitable return.


Tonneau covers are a great accessory that helps save money and increase the truck’s life span. Multiple varieties of tonneau covers are available that have their pros and cons.

Along with numerous benefits, does a tonneau cover increase gas mileage? Yes, it is worth the investment as it provides profitable returns.

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