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Best Tonneau Cover for Ford F150: Our Top 10 Picks[2023]

Most people find it quite difficult to choose the best tonneau cover for Ford F150 from several varieties available in the market. More so, it could be quite a task to match quality with the precise need that suits what your vehicle is used for.

So, if you have trouble deciding which tonneau covers are right for your Ford F150, you can rely on the recommendations we offer here.

Our top 10 picks are high-end products designed with durability in mind.

The recommendations provided were curated from user experience and the functional performance of the tonneau covers when mounted on a compatible Ford F150.

What is the best tonneau cover for Ford F150?

Considering several factors ranging from firm fit and design material to ease of installation and durability, the Tyger Auto T3 soft Tri-fold tonneau cover makes our top list the best truck bed cover for Ford F150.

When it comes to preference, many users’ first picks are usually tonneau covers that can hold up very well in any weather.

Fortunately, the Tyger Auto T3 meets this specification. Besides its waterproofing feature, we recommend this brand because of its exceptional design style and attention-grabbing aesthetic.

Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover for Ford F150 Supercrew Reviews

01. Auto T3 Soft Tri-fold tonneau cover – Top choice for performance


Highlighted Features:

  • The design style is folding
  • Exterior, made of dual-coated vinyl
  • Compatible with 5.5 ft bed length
  • US-patented design
  • Comes pre-assembled

The Tyger Auto brand, notable for manufacturing unique vehicle accessories, didn’t fall short in the design of this tonneau cover.

It is a popular choice for many truck drivers due to the heavy-duty materials incorporated into the tonneau cover design. Its minimal design flaw is another reason to look in the direction of this tonneau cover.

Featuring a folding style, as well as a dual coating that reinforces its waterproofing ability, it is the perfect heavy-duty truck bed cover for your Ford F150.

Another thing that makes this truck bed cover stand out is that they’re manufactured to cover as broad as 2015 to 2022 Ford 150 models.

So, even buyers driving 2016 models need not worry about finding a good fit for their vehicle.

To make installation easy for a buyer, the Tyger Auto tonneau cover comes with pre-assembled crossbars that make folding flawless, giving users full access to the truck bed.

The convenience this product offers a user is again reflected in its rear clamp, which allows for quick latching, the vinyl materials that are resistant to tear, and the weather-tight leather.

Fancy tonneau covers with sleek design? If you do, then this tonneau cover will tickle your admiration. The secure locking ability comes from its clamps made of stainless steel rods.

Hence, users wouldn’t have to worry about the clamp loosening and exposing their cargo while they drive.

A top priority for truck drivers willing to purchase a tonneau cover is the resistance of the tonneau cover they’re purchasing to the elements.

Choosing the Tyger Auto brand puts your mind at rest while driving, keeping your rest assured that your cargo is protected from the weather. For the T3 bed covers, installation is tool-free.

Moreover, who wouldn’t go for a truck bed cover that takes less than 7 minutes to install? How about gas mileage?

Under standard conditions, this product, with its aerodynamic design, boasts of providing users with up to 13% gas savings.


  • Excellent design
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to weather
  • Tight-fitting


  • Tendency to flap under strong winds

02. MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau cover – Best soft roll-up F150 tonneau cover


Highlighted Features:

  • Cover is a roll-up design
  • US-patented design
  • Cover made of marine-grade vinyl
  • Suitable for 5.5-inch bed length
  • Suitable for 2015-2016 Ford 150

Looking for an inexpensive tonneau cover with great features and specifications suitable for your Ford F150, the MaxMate soft roll-up may be a perfect option.

A user can easily clamp down the cover; rest assured of his cargo’s security. It also comes with horizontal crossbars, whose function is to support the cover lying flat.

Also, the convenience the roll-up provides is matchless, as a user can have full access to the bed cover whenever he wants to.

This, of course, is what many truck drivers consider before purchasing a truck bed cover. No one wants to buy a tonneau cover that takes up so much space that the truck bed is barely accessible.

The aluminum steels used to reinforce the strength of the cover are air-craft grades and are the perfect materials for the side rail design.

“A user review asserts the vinyl material stretches under prolonged exposure to the sun.”

This product offers a seamless latch lock design at the tailgate, making opening and closing as easy as it can be.

Also, users living in regions with extreme weather will find the performance of the MaxMate roll-up highly indispensable.

This is because its tension system allows easy adjustment at the side rails enabling a tight and crease-free cover.

This, of course, does a lot of protection for a user during harsh winters or extremely hot summers.

To install the MaxMate tonneau, a buyer would have to rely on the simplicity of the design to assemble the parts, as they do not come with mounting hardware.

With the right 5.5-inch truck bed fit, the MaxMate tonneau renders an exceptionally high-end performance.


  • Affordable option
  • Easy to operate
  • Support bars offer rigidity
  • High-quality design


  • Has no information on gas mileage

03. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard-folding tonneau – Top choice for hard-folding


Highlighted Features:

  • Covers Ford F150 models of 2015-2020
  • The design material is aluminum
  • Exterior comes in Chrome, painted, or polished varieties
  • Features a tailgate lock type
  • Manufactured in the US

One thing you will fall in love with about this product is its stylish finishing. Its resilient framework derives from the sleek and low-profile architecture it is made of.

For enhanced security, the manufacturers incorporated heavy-duty aluminum panels. Also, in pursuit of convenience and ease of handling, the latching system was designed to be automatic.

Another upgraded component of the BAKFlip is the dual-action tailgate seal as well as the waterproof end caps, all designed to keep your cargo safe from theft and downpours.

An indispensable feature some tonneau covers lack is full access to the truck bed. This, however, was consciously taken into consideration during the product’s manufacture.

Depending on the nature of the cargo you haul around, a tonneau cover made from heavy-duty aluminum provides a tougher and more resilient performance and is ideal for heavy-duty hauling.

On this list, we pick the BAKflip MX4 as the best hard-folding tonneau cover for F150.

Also, due to its folding style, a user can haul large cargoes without removing the entire tonneau cover.

Talking about durability, the BAKFlip MX4 features a latch housing that raises its strength and durability several times higher than many other brands of tonneau covers.

A user wouldn’t also have to worry about the third brake light being obstructed when the cover is folded in an upright manner.

Another thing the BAK auto part industry leaves a mark on is their inclusion of shock-absorbing bumpers located on each side of the panel. This essentially offers protection to the panels during bumpy driving.

“A lot of users from the US complained about the product arriving with scratches on the side rails and cover surface.”

Its optimal performance is not limited to that alone. The BAKFlip MX4’s cargo storage feature includes dual drain tubes to divert water away from it.

More so, it comes with a full perimeter sealing design that aids waterproofing.


  • Great waterproof design
  • Great design
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for heavy-duty


  • Sub-par quality control
  • Slightly expensive

04. LEER HF650M tonneau cover – Best for easy installation


Highlighted Features:

  • Features a folding style
  • Uses a tailgate lock type
  • Design material is fiberglass and plastic
  • Weighs 72 pounds
  • Available for 2015-2022 Ford F150

One admirable feature the LEER tonneau cover has is its easy latching.

The LEER manufacturers, in their design, incorporated the CYNC latching system that makes it easy to open the cover with just two fingers. The latches come with open and closed tailgates.

The HF650M also comes with four lightweight panels with design components of fiberglass that are dent-resistant.

To allow the use of these plastic panels as flexible as possible, the fiberglass panels come reinforced with plastic polymer.

This feature makes it an arguably proper consideration for the best tonneau cover for Ford F150.

It doesn’t stop here. The quad-fold design was built so that when opened, a user wouldn’t have to worry about it obstructing the third brake light.

This also offers protection to the back of a user’s cab.

To install the HF650M, you don’t need much expertise. The no-drill installation feature makes installation fast and easy.

Every tool needed to mount this tonneau cover comes with each product you buy.

This makes it possible for a user with little or no mechanical expertise to mount and unmount the cover whenever they like.

That’s not all. The LEER HF650M is engineered with weather resistant-materials, mostly derived from the rugged panel construction.

Another major concern for people looking at buying tonneau covers for the F150 is the safety and security of the cargoes while in transit.

HF650M takes care of this concern by providing straps that secure partially-open covers.


  • Saves up space for users
  • Easy latching
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent watertight feature


  • Cover is slightly heavy

05. Gator ETX Soft Roll-up tonneau – Best for maximum bed access


Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for 5.7″ inch bed size
  • Features soft roll-up design
  • Material is made of vinyl
  • Offers 100% bed access
  • Lightweight (28.1 pounds)

Looking for an affordable tonneau cover with a low-profile design? We recommend you try the Gator ETX soft-roll-up tonneau cover.

To install this tight-fitting truck bed cover, you also wouldn’t need much expertise to get around it.

With the right Ford F150 model, a buyer has to clamp the rails on. The no-drill design makes this a seamless experience, as a buyer wouldn’t need a drill to complete the installation.

This means that the cost of installation is affected positively.

Want a truck cover that gives you full access to your truck bed? We recommend you look in the direction of this product.

The covers are essentially built to mount inside the delved rails. This gives a buyer access to the stake pocket holes a hundred percent.

For maximal bed access, all required is rolling the cover backward and securing it with the storage strap provided.

When it comes to convenience, many truck users prefer the roll-up design. This preference is based on ease of use. The ETX soft roll-up doesn’t fall short in this regard too.


  • Reasonable price for product’s performance
  • Offers 100% bed access
  • Excellent cover design
  • Clips provide excellent grips


  • Tendency to flap at high speeds

06. TruXedo pro-X15 Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover – Best for easy handling


Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for 5.7″ bed size
  • Made of vinyl
  • Features a tailgate lock design
  • Lightweight (28.4 pounds)
  • Cover exterior color, black

The TruXedo brand quite stands out as an industry-leading auto part manufacturer. Their exclusive design quality is again reflected in the Pro X15 soft roll-up tonneau cover.

Extremely easy to handle, this tonneau cover is one of the most user-friendly soft roll-up tonneau cover ones can find.

All that is required to open the cover is just one finger once the trigger latch has been located.  The latch shouldn’t be hard to locate as they are made to be easily seen.

More so, the extra-low profile design makes this model extremely distinctive and gives it a flush-mount appearance. How about installation?

The installation doesn’t require special tools to get done. It only takes a matter of minutes for a buyer to mount the tonneau cover. This is possible due to its self-leveling architecture.

“From the product’s review, some users expressed dissatisfaction on the gap the rail bed covers create. Others complained the rail was slightly longer than needed, hence making the tailgate not to close.”

Another reason the TruXedo Pro X15 stands out among many other tonneau covers is that its automatic tension control ability keeps the cover tightly fitted, regardless of the weather condition.

The quick-release feature makes it easy for a user to remove the cover in seconds, offering full bed access.


  • Excellent design
  • Great investment for the price
  • Tight fit provides a good sector for users’ cargo
  • Easy to handle


  • Not 100% leak-proof

07. RetraxONE MX Retractable tonneau bed cover – Best retractable design


Highlighted Features:

  • Operated manually
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Available for Ford F150 2021 and 2022 models
  • Weighs 70 pounds
  • Features the key lock type

One perk that comes with using a retractable truck bed cover is the ease of locking them along the bed rails of the user’s truck.

This design makes the tonneau cover highly convenient to use, offering partial bed usage.

The RetraxONE is constructed using a one-piece polycarbonate material reinforced with aluminum. This provides the material with unusual impact resistance, almost missing in many other products.

With strength as massive as this, you can rely on the truck bed cover to support an evenly distributed weight of up to 200 lbs.

Also, the ball-bearing rollers that come with this product make it easy to retract the cover.

The key lock type is another unique design that makes RetraxONE a choice tonneau cover for individuals who place security above everything else.

If you have an irresistible admiration for aesthetics, you will also find the classy matte finish charming. All that is required to open the bed cover is to glide effortlessly along with the ball bearings.

This is where quality shakes hands with convenience.

It doesn’t end here. The convenience this product offers its users is again shown in how the tonneau covers stay flush to the rails.

This makes the seal steady, offering unwavering protection against the elements.


  • The incredible matte finish makes the cover scratch-resistant
  • Offers weather-tight protection
  • Very convenient and comfortable to use
  • Resistant to tough impact


  • During winter, the lock accumulates ice

08. Xcover Low profile Hard Folding Truck bed cover – Best for heavy-duty


Highlighted Features:

  • Features plastic construction material
  • Works by soft roll-up
  • Compatible with 205-2022 F150 pickup trucks
  • Compatible bed length is 5.6″ inches
  • Made in the USA

With over 20 years of experience in the tonneau manufacturing industry, the Xcover brand is one of our top picks for the best tonneau cover for the Ford F150.

The superior clamping system, scratch-resistance, and exceptional resistance to UV are some of our top considerations for placing this product on this list.

Thus, it serves as the option when you have to go for heavy duty runs or consistent useage.

The theft protection ability is reflected in its latch design and the patented pending rails.

For a product rated more than 450 lbs of uniformly distributed weight, expect nothing short of magnificence.

Its sleek outlook gives it a low-profile professional character. Also,  the Xcover latch enables a user to open and drop down the lock with just one finger.

The scratch-resistant panel also makes this product one of the truly exceptional truck bed tonneau covers for F150 available.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy lock mechanism
  • Affordable
  • Great design


  • Has tendency to leak

09. Fixxpertise Y1 Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover – Top choice for waterproofing


Highlighted Features:

  • Made of vinyl
  • Features a tailgate lock mechanism
  • Lightweight(22. 9 pounds)
  • Compatible with Ford 2015-2021 F150 models
  • Fit for 5.5-inch bed size

It is uncommon to find tonneau covers that come with additional weatherstrips that help improve waterproofing ability and keep dust. This is one interesting feature that comes with the Fixxpertise brand.

Another reason why this brand is highly recommended is their aluminum clamps with high-end ABS plastic buckles.

With over 10 years committed to serving truck users reliable auto parts, the Fixxpertise brand is one product you can depend on when it comes to quality.

The Y1 soft roll-up product comes with a double built-in horizontal crossbar, constructed from quality aluminum, and offers a user a maximum loading capacity of 30 lbs.

It also comes with weather strips that aid better waterproofing. That’s not all for the weather strip function. It also protects the internal part of the truck bed from snow, rain, and dust.

How about gas mileage? It lowers wind pressure resistance, helping a user save up to 10% on gas.


  • Easy installation
  • Decent performance for the price
  • Exceptional weatherproofing
  • Great design


  • Clamps are not very durable due to the plastic twist handles.

10. Rugged Liner C3 Premium Hard -folding cover


Highlighted Features

  • Features folding style
  • Build material is aluminum
  • Lock type is the tailgate
  • Weighs 55.9 pounds

Many users prefer products that don’t require many technicalities to handle in the auto parts industry. The Rugged Liner, fortunately, is one of those products.

You wouldn’t have to break a sweat from the installation process down to its handling by acquiring this.

Rugged Liner comes fully assembled to step up convenience without any loose parts. Each product also has two built-in LED lights perfectly placed at the rear latches.

This way, a buyer’s cargo can stay visible to the driver while driving.

This Tri-fold panel engineering design further reinforces its magnificence with its cab dust seals and double hinges, all geared towards keeping dust and elements away from the cover.

Apart from being toll-free when it comes to installation, which of course, on this list makes this product one of the fastest tonneau covers to install, the aluminum skin panels contribute to its mechanical efficiency, making it a user’s perfect choice for heavy-duty hauling.

With a weight of nearly 60 pounds, why would one expect it to underperform in this regard? Perhaps its manufacturers dubbed it “Rugged Liner” deliberately!


  • Very easy to install
  • Suitable for heavy-duty operations
  • Offers reliable weatherproofing
  • Dust-resistant


  • Scanty product reviews
  • No information on gas mileage

Buying Considerations for Tonneau Covers for Ford F150

Like any other product, there are a couple of factors to consider before purchasing a tonneau cover for Ford F150.

This is especially important if you have never bought one before but looking at mounting one on your F150 truck.

Honestly, this could be an exhausting quest for a first-timer as well as for drivers willing to make a replacement to their degraded truck bed cover.

The most challenging thing you’re confronted with is the enormous variety available.

Picking the right material that suits the needs of your Ford F150 truck is even more challenging.

This is why we included this section in the bed truck cover guide to assist you with finding a tonneau cover that suits your truck’s needs, budget, and material preference.

Compatibility with your Ford F150 model

Every truck bed has its size, length, and width, collectively making up its dimension. These same dimensions are again put into production markings while the tonneau covers are manufactured.

Hence, a cover compatible with one F150 model might be ridiculous oversize for another truck.

To avoid creating installation stress for yourself, it is only right you know the dimensions of your truck bed before buying one.

Moreover, you do not want to have a flabbily mounted tonneau cover on your truck. Hence, it is one thing to find the best tonneau cover for Ford F150; it’s another thing for it to be the right fit for your vehicle.

All a potential buyer has to do if he is unsure of the length of his truck bed is take a tape measure the length in inches.

The best way to do this would be to start your measurement from the bulkhead and trace it down to the tailgate. You can then use this measurement as a buying guide for your truck bed tonneau cover for F150.

Purpose the tonneau cover will serve

Every truck owner has a motivating factor for needing a truck bed cover. One of the most common reasons is securing the cargo hauled by the truck from theft.

If this resonates with your need, we recommend you go for a hard tonneau cover that features a more intricate locking mechanism.

Another reason most truck owners want to get a tonneau cover is to protect the truck bed from the elements.

People living in extremely cold regions may not want to go through the stress of always digging out accumulated snow from their truck bed.

On the other hand, constant exposure to rainfall and moisture would cause rusting to the metal bed.

However, if enhancing your truck’s aesthetic appeal is what matters most to you, the lock style and cover material may mean so much to you.

In this case, tending towards style and look is your number one buying guide. This article features some of the best truck bed covers for F150 with amazing designs.

There are soft ones made of vinyl which are quite remarkable as well. Some others are sleek with low-profile designs which serves its functions. Truck bed covers like these enhance the visual appeal of your Ford F150 truck.

Cover material

There are different materials available for F150 tonneau covers. Depending on your driving conditions and security needs, it is only crucial you choose the right material.

Vinyl materials are stylish and don’t require much to install. Their ease of maintenance is another thing a user should consider.

However, they’re not rugged and may fail at providing a user with adequate security for items hauled under them.

On the other hand, aluminum covers are quite sturdy but easily get depressed on impact. Plastic and fiberglass covers are durable and are a buyer’s best choice for weatherproofing.

They may be your ideal tonneau cover if you desire a combination of lightweight and durability.


Truck bed covers arrive at the market with various price tags. Usually, most first-timers prefer to play safe and try a modestly priced one to see what value they can get from it.

What you should know, however, is that hard tonneau covers are pricier than soft ones.

Depending on your requirements, a good piece of advice is to choose a decent tonneau cover within your budget. This does not in any way suggest settling for cheap underperforming ones.

A balance between moderate price and quality is a wiser approach. Cheap brands may, to your regret, offer you compromised quality.

 (FAQs) of Best Tonneau Covers for Ford F150

What is the average price of a tonneau cover?

This depends on the kind of tonne cover you’re willing to buy. Soft tonneau covers range from $100 to $500. On the other hand, Hard tonneau covers range from $500 to $3000.

Where can I buy a Ford F150 truck bed cover?

Your shopping destination would ultimately depend on your preference. If you prefer shopping online, there are popular online retail outlets with plenty of tonneau covers to choose from.

Alternatively, you can visit Ford’s auto part website and order directly from them. There, you can find many truck bed tonneau covers for F150.

All you have to do is log on to www.accessories.ford.com/collections. From there, select “bed products” in the drop-down menu, then shop.

The good thing about shopping online is that you have various options to choose from.

This provides a prospective buyer the luxury of making comparisons to enable him to settle for the best tonneau cover for the Ford F150.

Do I need expert-level experience to install a tonneau cover?

You can install a tonneau cover yourself, provided you stick to the instructions on the installation guide or manual.

However, we highly recommend you seek professional help if you’re stuck while installing your tonneau cover. This is to avoid damaging the cover altogether.

Conclusion on Ford F150 Truck Tonneau Cover

With a market saturated with various Ford F150 tonneau covers, it is not uncommon to find buyers who mistakenly shop for the wrong tonneau cover for their truck.

The recommendation provided here is aimed at helping a potential buyer find the best tonneau cover for Ford F150.

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