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7 Best Floor Mats for F150 Review:Our Top List [2022]

Having one of the best floor mats for F150 could determine your truck’s hygiene if you’re constantly playing off-road.

There is no doubt how messy the floor of your truck’s interior can get when you periodically drive through terrains like that. Hence, investing in a high-quality and reliable mat is a workable solution.

However, the big concern for many Ford f150 owners is finding a long-lasting mat that can stand the test of time, especially when subjected to rugged use.

From the Husky Liners to the MAX liners, OEDRO and even Gator accessories, they have all been reviewed here.

What is the best floor mat for Ford F150?

The best product on this list today is the Husky Liners X-act Contour.

Besides being made of thermoplastic Elastomer, a perfect agent for its formidability and exceptional tensile strength, we recommend the Husky Liner due to its retention posts that keep the floor mat fixated at exactly where they’re spread throughout the ride.

This, of course, is a feature several floor mats are lacking, which very easily puts it ahead of other alternatives.

They are also excellently crafted to fit the detailed contours of a buyer’s truck, which is a feature credited to its FormFit design.

Then most importantly, the last thing we considered before ranking it above all other mats here is their ruggedness, even in extreme weather.

Top 7 Best Floor Mats for F150 Review

01. Husky Liners X-act Contour – Top choice for a great fitting


Highlighted Features:

  • Built for front floor
  • Compatible with 2015-2021 Ford F150
  • Weighs 20.8 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Fit type is vehicle-specific

The magical thing about the Husky Liners is how soft it feels when touched but stays impressively tough in duty.

Featuring a Formfit design, the manufacturers intentionally crafted the liners to match the contours of your vehicle, making every detail in the floor of your F150 perfectly covered and taken care of.

Besides its design precision, the floor mat features a rubberized DuraGrip meant to keep both driver and passengers’ feet comfortable during their ride.

Worried, what happens when liquids are spilled on it? This building material is one of the most reliable available in the industry. Hence, the mess from spills is well contained, buying you time to pull them off and wash.

One of the most significant factors that would make the Husky Liners an exciting and worthwhile purchase is its incorporation of factory retention posts that allow the liners to stay in place.

The X-act Contour floor liners of the mat are also very rugged, offering full protection to your truck’s floor. The rear seats aren’t also exempted from this. It also runs down through the vehicle’s rear seats.


  • They have nubs that prevent slipping
  • Superior build
  • Decent fit
  • Perfect for heavy-duty


  • A bit pricey

02. The MAX Liner A0212/B0188 – Best custom-fit option


Highlighted Features:

  • Build material is vinyl
  • Fitment in the front seat
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Made in Thailand
  • Weighs 14 pounds

The unique double-barreled feature of the MAX liner is its ability to offer protection in all kinds of weather and its stain-resistant feature.

For a custom fit, the manufacturers employed vehicle scanning technology to find the perfect fit that protects your 2015- 2022 f150 vehicle’s carpet from spills of any kind.

The floor mats are flexible and, at the same time, rigid enough to provide a user a solid feeling and sturdy performance that’ll last for long.

Once installed, the floor mats hug the sidewalls of your vehicle and precisely match the contours.

They also have a reinforced outer lip that allows for a sealed interface, restricting soil and moisture from seeping through the sidewalls of the mat.

The result? Anything that spills on the floor mat stays there.

Provided the right fit for your vehicle is installed, the MAX liner comes with clasps compatible with your vehicle’s.

The product not only protects your floor as much as it should be, but they also come with safety holding points that match that of your vehicle.

It hence isn’t exaggerated when we dub this product the best vehicle-specific fit floor mat in this review.

With an excellent aesthetic design, the MAX liner has a unique low-profile way of improving the appearance of any vehicle’s interior they’re installed on.

Their modern design coupled with textured surfaces is second-to-none.

Another reason this floor mat sits on the second spot of this review on not further down is its Spill Saver Lip.

It effectively salvages the spilled substance, preventing it from reaching the carpet, and it’s easy to clean nature.


  • Great coverage
  • Excellent fit
  • Great design
  • Aesthetics improves the vehicle’s interior look


  • Near the door openings, the rear mats lack balance.

03. OEDRO Floor mats – Best eco-friendly floor mat


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 2015-2022 Ford F150
  • Made of thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Made in China
  • Painted exterior

This floor mat was designed using a high-end precision digital laser scanner, enabling the interior carpet to be accurately lined.

They are also built to keep users from slipping, and their TPE-Tri extruded composition makes the floor mats completely safe, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

Also they offer about 300% higher resistance to temperature than standard PVC.

Deliberately designed not to contain latex, lead, cadmium, or any other common component found in PVC, they’re the best option if you’re considering non-toxicity and optimum safety levels.

In cold weather, the TPE material, which is resistant to wear, stays flexible and doesn’t lose its conformation.

One thing most car owners usually don’t like to do is struggle to clear floor mats. If they are designed poorly, they create a lot of stress to get the dirt off.

The Pedro is different, as they are easy to clean and don’t quickly accumulate stains. This, of course, takes a whole lot of cleaning time off your hands.

Like most other rubber floor mats that produce an odor of rubber and other chemicals put into their manufacture, the OEDRO stays odor-free from the first day of installation throughout its lifespan.

They also feature a retaining-clip design, enabling the mat to snap firmly in the floor and keep them from swaying or moving while the vehicle is in motion.

Their 3-dimensional design gives your truck or SUV complete protection, as the edge part’s 3D spaces are protected.

Snow, spills, and water and dirt are also kept from hitting the carpet due to the Chevron-shaped pattern of the mat, which effectively holds spillage.


  • Highly durable
  • Tough and rugged
  • Great fit for compatible vehicles
  • Easy to place/install


  • The rear side has loose-fitting on the driver’s side seat.

04. WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor liner – Best for easy clean-up


Highlighted Features:

  • Made of vinyl
  • Built for rear position
  • Custom-fit
  • Weighs 13.9 pounds

WeatherTech is our number one floor mat when it comes to ease of installation. It is only available for the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Ford F150 SuperCrew models.

So, if you’re driving any of these listed Ford models, you need not sleep on this easy clean-up mat.

One reason why we highly recommend them is their exceptional toughness and durability. Hence, off-road adrenaline-flushed riders would benefit from the heavy-duty performance of the product.

Moreover, they also offer interior protection from wear and tear and are custom-designed for your vehicle.

They are uniquely crafted with the inclusion of retention devices that keep the mat secure. Its high outside lip helps contain spills and is very easy to clean up.

Aside, The company boasts the most talented designers and engineers in their production team, hence offering well-developed floor protection auto parts.

Their floor mats notably score high in reliability and strength, with an ability to stay flexible even in extreme temperatures.

You also wouldn’t have to worry about wrong fitments or getting oversized mats as a buyer. This is well taken care of by the brand’s adoption of digital laser technology to measure the interior surfaces of every model they make.

Their mats are also engineered with high-end surfacing that carries spilled fluids away from clothes and shoes—wondering if these floor mats are reliable?

For a floor protection accessory made from patented High-Density Tri-Extruded materials, specifications like durability and performance are barely a question.


  • Great fit
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Advanced surfacing for minimized fluid movement


  • Rear edge molding has a poor-fitting at the edge

05. Elements Defender – The best option for easy installation


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 2015-2017 Ford
  • Built for rear and front
  • Weighs 16.52 pounds
  • Custom-tech fitting technology

Elements Defender has got you covered if you’re looking for a floor mat that installs in less than a minute.

After purchase, all you have to do is unbox, then place the font and rear liners in position for quick installation.

The name makes a statement about its performance, as it is known to keep out rain, ice, dirt, and snow.

The Element Defender also contains other unwanted substances, including grease and spill. Besides this, they are also straightforward to clean and are completely washable.

“A user complained of wiggle in some parts of the mat and that the outer edges don’t completely flatten out on the floor.”

The mat’s edge material is precisely engineered for firm grip, even in muddy conditions.

With unique craftsmanship that exudes excellence in its precisely measured cargo tray, all 2015, 2016, and 2017 Ford F150 get mats with firm fitting.

In its design, a small sidewall gap is included to protect a buyer’s vehicle from wear that results from shifting when the vehicle is in motion.


  • Great fit
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Low-profile design


  • Back and front mats stick up a little
  • Poor resistance to slip

06. SMARTLINER Custom Fit – Best option in modern design


Highlighted Features:

  • Made of vinyl
  • Vehicle specific fit type
  • Weighs 9.43 pounds
  • Eco-friendly

This 2015-2022 F150-compatible floor mat, in terms of modernity in design, outdoes a couple of other mats listed here.

They are not only weather and stain-resistant; their odorless feature gives your truck or SUV’s interior a flush feel.

Also, They perfectly protect your car floor from spills and everyday messes you create on regular days.

To add more convenience to use, they are designed to be cleaned easily. Credit goes to its sleek design.

The unique fitting of these mats comes from their being cut to laser precision, providing the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Furthermore, the styling of these mats is simply uncommon, providing an unmatched aesthetic outlook to your vehicle’s interior.

Their durability comes from the low density, solid and flexible materials they are built with, allowing for easy removal and installation.

To keep the mess off your vehicle’s carpet, they are designed with raised edges that ensure the mess stays on the liner.


  • Great fit
  • Modern design
  • Improves vehicle’s interior aesthetic
  • Stain-resistant


  • Bulge up between seat and kick panel

07. Gator Accessories 79610 – Best choice for heavy-duty


Highlighted Features:

  • Construction material is thermoplastic olefin
  • Specific for trucks alone
  • Crafted for front position
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs 11.77 pounds

If you are driving an F150 truck listed in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 year and need a floor mat that can withstand heavy-duty use, you should look at the Gator brand.

They have laser-fit designs that uniquely match the floorboard of your F150 truck.

To keep the floor mat fixed in position, the feature is one of the most formidable retention systems available.

In addition, they are also resistant to chemicals, mud, and other fluids, as they are built from a solid elastomeric material.

Uniquely designed with raised edges, liquids are kept from spilling to the side until you’re ready to wash them.

How perfectly they lock into place gives their factory retention posts a performance edge over other mats available in the market.


  • Excellent fluid protection
  • Great design
  • They’re sturdy and thick
  • Great option for heavy-duty


  • Poor seat and door coverage

Shopping Considerations for Best F150 Floor Mats

If you recently purchased a Ford F150 vehicle or looking to improve the interior design of your old truck, a good floor mat would not only enhance the car’s interior aesthetic design but will always keep dirt away from the floor carpet.

While there are cheap, decent to expensive, and quality floor mats available in the market for Ford f150, you need to be aware of how each brand can influence your vehicle’s look and salvage it from accumulating dirt.

On a general note, all Florida mats are designed to keep dust, spills, and other kinds of mess from smearing and leaking into the vehicle’s carpet.

However, some do better in this task than others, and conversely, some suck at it.

Thus, this section of this article highlights some factors you need to look into before purchasing a floor mat, especially if you’re particularly concerned about choosing from the best floor mats for Ford F150.

Weather considerations

The weather in your region is a big decider on what brand and style are suitable for your vehicle. For warm and dry regions, floor mats tagged offer protection against dust, and sand may be ideal.

For drivers who live in spots that witness constant and heavy snow, ice, and sleet, a heavy-duty floor mat is what they need to cope with weather like that.

In all, it isn’t exactly wise to neglect the weather condition of your living area and chase after other factors like aesthetics and design style. A decision like that may only fetch you an inadequately performing mat.

Vehicle type

Your vehicle’s make and model also influence the style and fit of the custom mats.

When you’re finally ready to purchase a floor mat, you need to opt for a brand that makes mats that fit your vehicle’s specifications.

Without the right fit, your F150 would not be sufficiently protected against dirt or interior damage that could arise during use.

So, ensure that whatever floor mat of choice is designed specifically for your F150.


A very vital factor to consider before purchasing a floor mat is your lifestyle or driving habits. If you have kids, you’ll need to get floor mats that are very resistant to spills.

For Pet owners that move their puppies or cats around in their vehicle, getting floor mats that can offer your protection against scratching or muddy paws seems to be an indispensable idea.


There are also available floor mats that offer buyers additional features. Some floor mats have all-weather suitability, which makes them perfect for snowy, icy, or rainy conditions.

There are also floor mats branded as “non-slip.” Mats like this are a good option if you live in a region that experiences constant downpours.

Your car stands to be protected from excessive wear and tear when you install a custom set of floor mats specifically designed to fit your vehicle’s dimensions.

Getting the right floor mats can keep the interior of your F150 truck or SUV looking fresh and new too.

More FAQs On Best Floor Mats for F150

Why do I need to get a custom-fit floor mat?

Custom-fit floor mats are made for specific car models. The smooth transition between the walls and these custom-fit mats give a user’s car interior a flawless and luxurious look.

Also, these mats are made using laser technology that precisely cuts it to the exact in-by-inch fitting of your vehicle’s floor.

Their crafters are also mindful of areas like Pedal and driving sticks to ensure they are flat and crease-free.

Apart from that, a driver is also guaranteed safety while driving, as incidences of the mats getting stuck between the pedals are avoided.

What kind of floor mats are available for Ford F150?

Different varieties of floor mats can be found in both online and physical retail outlets. The major mats available for your F150 are rubber mats, carpet-based mats, and 3D mats.

Rubber mats, as well as carpet mats, are the most common ones that are factory-made and seem to witness more patronage.

They seem to be usable in any kind of vehicle. 3D mats, on the other hand, are custom made, designed according to the car model and make.

They are usually made from a variety of materials, such as thermoplastic rubber paired with carbon fiber patterns.

What are the best floor liners for Ford F150?

Some of the best floor mats for Ford F150 are molded 3D with the perfect fit for your vehicle’s floor area.

The best floor liner for your F150 does not need to be lacking in features like raised lips that essentially function to keep the dirt and moisture in the mats.

Before purchasing a floor mat for your F150, features like right fit, retention devices being able to match your vehicle type, and non-toxic build components are vital.

The best floor mat for your F150, considering factors such as performance, design materials, and durability, is the Husky Liners. Other high-performing brands include WeatherTech and MAX Liners.

What kind of materials are floor mats for F150 made with?

There are three common options for your F150 floor mat material – carpet, rubber, and vinyl. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are advantages for each material.

If your foremost priority is convenience and style, a good option would be carpet floor mats. They are plush, warm, and soft and are available in various colors to match your intended color scheme.

If you’re looking for cheap and easy-to-clean floor mats with utilitarian performance, rubber or vinyl floor mats are a good match in this regard.

Messes that are difficult to get rid of from a carpet’s dense loops take only a matter of seconds to wipe off from vinyl and rubber.

For users who drive with lots of people or never miss a cup of coffee while driving to work in the morning, having a carpet mat installed will definitely create a cleaning difficulty.

This, however, isn’t the case with rubber mats, as all that needs to be done is drain the coffee outside and then wipe off what’s left.


If you’re still sitting on the fence about buying a floor mat for your F150 vehicle, or perhaps you’re not convinced of finding durable and right-fitting ones, in this article, we have carefully scanned and picked the 7 best floor mats for F150 available in the market.

We have also taken part in the cumbersome responsibility of making a good purchase decision by highlighting what you should consider before buying a floor mat.

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