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Reviews of Best Air Bags for F150/F250:Our Top 7 Picks[2022]

Having a convenient ride is only a matter of finding the Best Air Bags for F150/F250. The needfulness of an airbag cannot be overemphasized, as finding a great one offers you good suspension and adequate vehicle balance.

For a buyer who desires an exceptional feeling of comfort, our top product reviews are all the information you need to make a good airbag purchase for your F150 or f250 Ford.

We have scanned a myriad of top products compatible with Ford F150 and Ford 250 and have arrived at the best top 7 picks.

What is the best airbag for Ford F150 and Ford 250?

Without subjecting our pick to a second guess, the Air Lift Ultimate Plus among other products featured on this list is the best airbag for Ford f150 or 250.

Putting into considerations factors like easy installation, durability, and maximal comfort, the Air Lift scores quite high in these areas.

With this product, riding inconveniences like sags, bottoming out and sways are eliminated, offering a rider a grand level of comfort.

The materials this product is made from was another reason we placed it as the most reliable recommendation offered in this review.

Besides having up to 50, 000 pounds of leveling capacity, all design components are rugged, durable, and are a great fit for heavy-duty.

Top 7 Best Air Bags for F150/F250 Reviews

01. Air Lift Ultimate Plus – Best air bags for ford F250 &F350


Highlighted Features:

  • Made in the US
  • Features a polished exterior
  • Weighs 38 pounds
  • Compatible with 2011-2016 Ford F150 and F250 pickups
  • Compatible with gooseneck hitches

The impact of the Air Lift is greatly felt in how excellently it beefs up a user’s existing suspension, offering an indispensable boost of comfort, especially for users who haul massive loads with their F150 or F250.

Deservedly sitting on the top 1 spot, the roll plates featured in this airbag protect the air springs from abrasion that may arrive from usage.

It also bumps up load capacity by about 10%. Featuring a no-drill installation, each purchased product comes with a full package of everything a buyer needs for installing the air springs on his pickup.

You can also choose to inflate the air springs with an air compressor or turn to an alternative option of upgrading to a compressor system onboard.

The flexibility in utility here is that the air compressor system can be installed alongside the air springs,  or a buyer can choose to add them at a later time.

Whichever way, the efficiency milked out of the Air Lift isn’t diminished at all.

When buying an airbag, an indispensable feature to consider is the leveling capacity of the airbag you intend to purchase.

Air Lift offers an amazing 50,000 leveling capacity, quite rare among many other kinds of airbags.

Another reason this product should make your list of auto parts installation is the grand finishing of its air fittings.

Designed with the #4 AN stainless steel, you can bank on the high-end durability this product offers your f150 or F250 truck or SUV.

The LoadLifter 5000 kits are without any doubt, the AirLift’s best kits for heavy load towing or hauling.

Do they also absorb shock? Absolutely! With their internal jounce bumper and springs, shock absorption is just as seamless as it can get.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent leveling capacity
  • Great fitting
  • Seamless shock absorption


  • Installation technicalities

02. Air Lift 57212 Load Lifter Air Suspension Kit – Best for combat vehicle squatting for ford F250


Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable air springs
  • Weighs 42.1 pounds
  • Made in the US
  • Features a polished exterior
  • Product dimension is 9.5 x 14.5 x 11.25 inches

The AirLift 57212 was designed to solve problems like squats, sways, body rolls, and rough rides. Battling with any of these?

This product is your perfect panacea and deserves a second spot in the league of best airbags for f150/f250.

Struggling with squatting issues, this airbag eliminates it and in the process, improves your steering and braking.

For riders who tow trailers, with the air springs, your vehicle’s height is adjusted so smoothly and unnoticeably that it seems like the new alignment and sway were never worked on.

For buyers struggling with rough rides as a result of bad airbags, you can benefit from how efficiently this product absorbs bumps, smoothening your ride and offering you better handling.

Also, with the Air Spring 5721, the spring rate of your truck which largely determines a vehicle’s stability is greatly improved on installation. Again, your comfort is beefed up!

How about their leveling capacity? Well, it isn’t any different from the product above, as its 50,000 pounds leveling capacity is a great number for your F150 or f250 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Using any of the Ford F250 super duty trucks between the 2005-2010 model? You definitely wouldn’t want to sleep on the Air Lift 57212.

Also, with superior build materials like 2-ply fabric reinforced air springs that mimic a tire design and ultra-rugged Zytel nylon end caps, an air bag’s durability can’t be any better.

The manufacturers of this airbag carefully designed the end caps of this bag with the strength of steel in mind, yet not as heavy.

The corrosion-proof feature derived from this makes the air springs completely unbeatable.

Every product ordered comes with exclusive lower and upper roll plates that serve to bump up a buyer’s load capacity by about 10 percent, and also protect the air springs from serrated or sharp edges.

With the guide provided in the product’s manual, expect a seamless installation too. By buying this airbag, you also eliminate load and towing issues like sags.

This is especially important if you’re towing heavy loads, as the weight-distribution feature of this airbag is necessary to move your steering as well as tire wear and braking.

Thinking of an airbag that offers on-the-go leveling? Think of Air Lift 57212. The onboard compressor system is simply second to none.

How quickly it adjusts your vehicle to accommodate dynamic road conditions is superior to many other products.


  • Offers excellent handling
  • Compatible with a wide range of coil spring suspension
  • Suitable for heavy-duty towing
  • Great leveling capacity


  • Installation not DIY-based

03. Firestone 2582 Air Helper Spring Kit – Best choice for steering control for ford F150


Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Made in China
  • Features a machined exterior
  • The capacity is 4,800 lbs
  • Product dimension is 12.5x 12.5 x 5.5 inches

Besides just being involved in manufacturing airbags, the Firestone company prides itself in providing solutions to any kind of vibration problem.

With a revolutionary invention of a product like this, they are a top contender in the auto part space.

We included this product in our top airbag reviews due to the superior brake effectiveness it offers buyers, the exceptional steering control it provides, and its excellent shock absorption.

To reduce bottoming out, it was engineered to make contact between the axle and frame to be as mild as possible.

Looking for an airbag to keep your truck’s stability even while hauling hefty loads? This is one product which is the best air bags for towing you don’t want to ignore.


  • Easy installation
  • Strong fitment
  • Improved ride quality
  • Better steering


  • Scanty product description

04. TORQUE Air Spring Bag – Best for adjustability and flexibility


Highlighted Features:

  • Fitment is designed for rear only
  • Compatible with 2011-2016 Ford F250
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Weighs 38 pounds
  • Features a smooth exterior

Shove your drilling equipment aside if you’re thinking of getting a Firestone product that is the best air bags for 2015 f250, as its simplified design takes that hassle off your hands.

The company boasts of building a suspension kit that provides a buyer an additional 5,000lbs of level load support.

What else sets this product apart from others? When other big market names were subjected to a cycle test, they could only manage one million.

But guess what? The Firestone lasted beyond 10 million cycles!

Before distribution, each manufactured product is critically tested in the company’s manufacturing facility to ensure their customers’ trust and expectations in quality are not lost.

You can make it your brand too. The brand also boasts of having the highest leak and burst test ratio among other products in the air spring aftermarket.

The load-leveling capacity of the product is also top-notch. It simply imparts it by a drastic reduction in bottoming out.

“A few product reviews reported missing parts and difficulty to procure replacements for them. Another complaint was the incorrect size of nuts for the bolts”

What else? The suspension fatigue, as well as tire wear, are also minimized on installation, providing superior overall steering control.

What can we say about the utility and performance of the air spring? On installing this air spring, the buyer’s truck is automatically set for improved ride quality.

The load support provided by the Firestone is also uncommon, as it employs air pressure which allows easy adjustability for changing loads.

Also, for installation, everything you need, ranging from a comprehensive manual to bolts and nuts, to inflation valves and tubing is provided.


  • Great fitment
  • Provides excellent bottoming out
  • Brackets don’t require drilling
  • Excellent load support


  • Package assembly is poor

05. True Suspension – Best product for towing


Highlighted Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Application is bolt-on
  • Fit for 2005-2010 Ford F250
  • No welding required

Looking to increase the towing capacity of your F250 truck? Well, buying this airbag offers you a 5000lbs additional towing capacity.

For users of this product, it is also an effective airbag for maximizing your f250 truck or SUV stability.

The good thing about True Suspension is that a driver can easily control it from his truck. The in-cab control features also include a high-pressure3 air tank.

The mounting is also bolt-on. This product can easily pass as the best heavy-duty air springs featured in this review.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty towing
  • Increases truck stability
  • Enhances F250 towing capacity
  • Flexible control


  • No customer reviews

06. Firestone Ford 250/350/450 – Best product for durability


Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 38.7 pounds
  • Compatible with Ford F250
  • No-drill installation
  • Heavy duty

This Firestone airbag, compatible with only Ford 250, 350, and 450 offers a buyer maximum load support capacity, and even beyond that customer support is unequaled.

The brand generally has carved a reputation of quality, great service, and durability for itself, which is one reason we recommend its product to potential buyers.

This product makes use of two convoluted air springs that allow flexible adjustment and easily accommodate a user’s load.

How about its load capacity? Towing a 5,000lbs load? This product has got you covered.

“Many users complained of wrong nut sizes that come with the purchased product. A user advised potential buyers to buy their own 3/4 inch nuts to be used for the top of the airbags”

On installation, your vehicle immediately takes a new shape and has enhanced operational performance.

Firstly, interleaf friction will be reduced in your truck, keeping the suspension fatigue level as minimal as possible, and enhancing the stability of your f250.


  • Eliminates sags
  • Improves ride comfort
  • Durable
  • Allows easy adjustment


  • Installation is not so easy

07. Firestone Ride Front Kit for F250/F350 – Exceptional leveling ability


Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 17.35 pounds
  • Made in the US
  • Compatible with pickups, vans, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.
  • Product dimension is 10.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches

For F250 users with leveling needs, we greatly recommend this product for you. This is not just because you can trust the air springs with loads between 3,200 – 5,000lbs.

Your SUV or truck benefits from the leveling ability of Ride-Rite in that the leveling provided unlike some other air springs is front-to-rear, as well as side-to-side, keeping the vehicle stable while it’s loaded.

Another big credit to this brand is that they ensure every kit is weighed for the component count and that each air spring is subjected to a pressure test prior or their commercial distribution.

They boast of a cycle test that supersedes 1 million.

Another reason you can rely on the performance of the Ride-Rite air spring is that it has an ISO certificate to its name.

Every kit purchased comes with an air spring, fasteners, airline, inflation valves, upper and mower lower brackets, push-to-connect air fittings, and most importantly, detailed installation instructions, making installation hassle-free for a buyer.


  • Improves rough ride
  • Restores a vehicle’s ride height
  • Easy installation
  • Great design


  • The product calls for hole-drilling

How to Select the Best Air Bags for F150/F250

Whether you’re towing your SUV or loading up your truck bed with camping tools for you and your family, you need a suspension system that can withstand the great weight and support excellent ride performance.

Having provided you with some of the best airbags ford f150/f250, the next thing to look at is what you need to do to end up with the right brand/product for your vehicle.

Hence, there are certain factors to consider before buying an airbag or a suspension system for your f150 and f250 Ford truck or SUV to avoid ending up with a low-quality airbag with a ridiculous rip-off price.

Thankfully, we have provided everything you need in this regard.


Before deciding to purchase or change your truck’s airbag, you should be aware that such a technological triumph may cost a fortune to acquire.

However, due to the large availability of several brands in the market, you can find an airbag for below $300 price.

Some of the best airbags for f150/f250 available in many outlets go beyond this price peg of course.

Noting that your vehicle’s suspension components will be replaced, which includes your shock absorbers and heavy springs, it is not uncommon to find very pricey airbags.

To find an airbag that matches your purchase budget, you may need to compare its performance with what the price tag on it says.

A lot of manufacturers boast of performance features that you end up not getting after installing the suspension. A good piece of advice is, to stay wary of this and rely on good product reviews like the ones provided here.

Your needs

The modification an airbag brings to your vehicle affects the appearance and overall performance.

This is the utmost reason why a buyer needs to determine his needs before purchasing one.

A lot of airbags for F150/F250 and other models floating on the market are built for specific roles.

There are lots available for serious off-roaders, which seem pricier than ones for normal use.

Intermediate air suspension is built to improve the ride comfort of the buyer and offers the buyer the ability to adjust the ride height.

They are also OEM-designed. If this resonates with your vehicle’s needs, then a suitable airbag is one with these features.

Another kind of airbag or suspension kit is those designed for competitive purposes. They are popular in the custom car industry and are commonly used for racing.

In a nutshell, you need to determine what your vehicle needs, and to do that you need to take into consideration, your road conditions and the utility of the vehicle.


Many air suspension systems have complex wiring and hose installation, hence, requiring the expertise of a professional mechanic.

Nonetheless, some products come with DIY kits for mechanically inclined customers.

However, since the installation of an airbag requires a lot of tools, a newbie may end up needing to hire a mechanic.

What you should always remember is that the wrong installation puts your vehicle’s integrity and safety at stake. So a good question is, do I need an airbag with a lot of installation technicalities?


Most air suspension kits are produced by reputable companies and allow major performance upgrades. However, as they are exposed to varying road conditions, wear and tear are inevitable.

This is the more reason a buyer should consider the maintenance routine specified by the manufacturer.

If the product supports a routine familiar and easily doable by you, you may want to give it a try.

However, an unfamiliar maintenance routine may cost you a lot and take more maintenance time. Ensure to check for this before purchasing.

More Questions On Best Air Bags for F150/F250

Do air bags help with towing capacity?

No, this is very simple that you can not increase the towing capacity in your recent vehicles design system provided by the Automobile company like FORD. This air bags system just make you sure of your smooth ride.

Where can I find Ford f150 and f250 airbags?

Ford F150 and F250 air suspension kits are available in a lot of retail outlets and are easily accessible.

To purchase the kind suitable for your truck, you may have to search for a store online with such product specifications.

Luckily, a brand like Ford features readily-available auto accessories, hence, a potential buyer wouldn’t have to go through a lot to find the best fit for his vehicle.

Besides online and physical retail outlets, a potential buyer can also visit the shop’s online website and buy directly from them.

This is even highly recommended, as the likelihood of getting a substandard and wrongly fitting product is rare.

Do airbags improve ride quality?

Yes, the smooth ride quality is significantly improved by replacing the conventional steel-spring suspensions system of towing ford trucks.

When  arise a question of ride quality in the heavier vehicles application like ford trucks, tractor-trailers, ford RV trucks using the air bags system, its improve the riding quality perfectly.

How much does airbag installation cost?

There isn’t exactly a fixed price for the installation of the airbag.

The most glaring factor is the labor you’re willing to employ and the custom specifications you want to be featured on the installation.

Basic installation takes between 2 and 20 hours.

Can I install my airbag myself?

Well, it is possible to install and assemble all the components of an air suspension kit if one adheres to the guidelines provided in the manual.

However, not all products are DIY-based and may require the service of a professional mechanic.

To avoid ruining your vehicle or damaging the air suspension altogether, it is advised that you seek expert help.

Can my Ford F150/F250 airbag be used in winter?

Absolutely yes! While winter does bring critical challenges to driving, some basic maintenance routines on your air system can overturn cold climate monitoring.

Living in very cold regions could make driving challenging, but does not significantly impact the functionality of your air suspension.

What kind of maintenance is ideal for air suspension?

On a general note, the number one maintenance needed for your truck’s airbag is to routinely drain your vehicle’s air tank.

This allows the amount of air circulating through the system to be minimized.

Some brands offer buyers in-line water traps that assist in getting this done, while actively reducing water entry into the system.

A good practice is to at least drain the system once a month. Luckily, this only takes a few minutes.


With 7 of the best airbags for f150/f250 trucks and SUVs available in the market, highlighted here, potential buyers of this product have been provided with the best choices for their vehicle.

Every product featured here has unique specifications that every serious buyer must consider before buying.

However, one thing common among all products is high-end performance and durability.

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